Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reader Recommendation: Bleiu - DIY Goth Bat Bow

Sweet reader Bleiu  send me this crazy cute GOTH BAT BOW to glue to a headband DIY.
I't's so BatBrat! Thank's for thinking about us and sharing! Here it is:

What a smart idea from Goth crafter Audronasha!
Check out her DIY site here.
Step 1
1 Cut a triangle form leather and shape the sides just like in a picture, so they would look like a bat wings :)
Don't forget to cut a strip too. About 1 cm wide and 2,5 cm long.

Step 2
Gather the center with a sharp needle and strong thread.

Step 3
Glue it with a hot glue gun to your hair bow.

Step 4
Glue the leather strip on top to hide the thread in the center.
Thank you ever so much for helping your fellow bat lovers, both Bleiu and crafting artist Audronasha <3
I will most definately make my own (some day...). It is super cute and mine will be totally bratty.