Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weight loss

Okay, so - 1 kilo in 2 days, 200 grams the next one and 400 grams the next one again (today).

I still eat the same breakfast (20 minutes before breakfast: 1/4 Fuji apple.) Whole wheat puffs with fat milk and cinnamon, or scrambled egges with bacon, or fiber bread with philadelphia and ham and cucumber - as much as I want on all meals (VERY IMPORTANT). And always 3 dl water), and then a fruit or tea and a crispbread with something on at 9.30, then lunch at 11.30 -the days fattest meal, fat and fibres for me; veggies, eggs, meat, fish, fat cream...
Then something at 14:00; a fruit or crispbread. Dinner at 16.30 with "no fat": meat/fish, and lots of veggies.
And at 18 I eat something small too.
Before this decision to get back in weight (I can't wear half my wardrobe!) I also ate at 22 - often crisp bread with brie. Now I've moved my brie to the 18 o'clock meal instead, and my "extra kilos" just falls off by itself :)
Also I suffered from my ulcer before and that made me hungry all the time thus the extra weight.

Monticnac Method

And yes, I know that to most people I already look skinny, and I think I am too. BUT I like to look anorexic without being it (who want's to kill the brain?).

One fat lady to another: "Look at that ugly skinny bitch over there."
Other fat lady: "Yes, being that skinny is really ugly."
First fat lady: "..I wish I was that ugly...."
Other fat lady: "Me too."