Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas tree up!

For the first time in history I will have a fake tree. Horrible, I know, but I got it super cheap! This deluxe version costs about $100 and I got it for $14!

I'm famous amongst my friends for being a remarkable sales finder (or a real cheap bastard).

Sure I will miss the smell, and the constant watering as well as all stitches I get to decorate the damn thing and not to mention all the "brarr" (?) that you step on all the way to next summer, but I just might find joy in this one too.

I've got lights and decorating left as you can see.

Will the kids join in?

Hahaha - hell no! This is my fun. Mine, ONLY mine! *said with a dark and scary voice*

My tradition have always been to decorate the tree, and I will never let anyone take it away from me.

The kids are "allowed" to hang the plastic ornaments, but the old glass ones I've got from grandma noone touches!

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Gingerbread baking

Me and the kids just made a HUGE batch of gingerbread dough.
It smells delicious here now.
I use the recipe from Johan Sörbergs book "Riddarbageriets Bästa". It will now be put in the refrigerator for at least a week to let the flavors develop, well, all of it except the parts we are going to eat right now;)
Wow, it is just SO good! I've been using this recipe for 4 or 5 years now and I love it.
Now it's dough time!

Today's make up

The Grinch in me are starting to break out.
Green eye shadow over the whole eyelids all the way up to my "eyebrows ".
Then I added one of my fav dots - the white ones. I think it makes me look like Bambi.

I use Kryolan liquid foundation TV white for that. I dip the end (the opposite end of the brush) into the bottle and then use that side to get equal dots.

Adora BatBrat and Iva Insane in Camden!!!

In October this year I did one of my most celebrated TV performances in mankind history.
You see, people rely on my good sense of style to know what's okay to wear.
Of course I like to help as much as I can to help preventing style failures.
And if you keep watching you'll see what I think about the color...