Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Straaaaange things happened today.
I have a small plastic Count Dracula in a necklace, and he starts to play a "scary" song when you push him...well, last night he started playing without anyone being near him - in the middle of the night *ihhhh* - several times!!!
Okay, bit *thumbs up for the nice use of word* scary, but I could handle it.
But just now my talking beer opener (now it seems like I drink beer all of the time - I'm no beer person, but I use beer in food and baking bread sometimes *okay, we get it, you only drink beer when you HAVE to and nothing else is available*) started to talk!
"-Oh, YEAH!!! Time for a beer!" it says. Like 10 times in a row now...
Don't like this..
What's next? My battery operated things in my bed table going off by themselves? (I'm of course talking about the remote controls and alarm watches...)

Todays make up

I used a slightly bigger brush today since my thin brush is a total mess and I need to order a new one.

Since I use the Kryolan cake eye liner together with my Kryolan CEL sealer it is important what brush you have. Synthetic hairs can't carry as much water and color as real hair, and that makes it difficult to draw my swirls otherwise since the color won't last all the way.

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