Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modelling X-tra-x

I just checked the X-tra-x catalogue online since I've been told it's now out - and see - there I was! I found myself on page 55 and 127 so far. Cool!! And - phuu - I think I did a good job :) My pretty sister  Jenni looks cute as always.
I can't wait to get my hands on that physical catalogue!
I really, really liked these stockings!
I can really recommend the corset I wear (picture in middle). It was easy to wear AND you could lace it in quite tight even though it might look just like a linnen. My favorite of all clothes.
And might I add once more how I loved too model for X-tra-x (no, I'm not payed to say this). Everyone was just so incredible sweet to us and the thing itself; just being in a room filled with all black clothes to try on, a BIIIIG rack of shoes, accessoires and other cool stuff to use as you please - isn't that kind of every goth girls kind of heaven? For me it was. It was SO funny :D