Monday, May 30, 2011

Mothers Day

Today was Mothers Day here in Sweden.
We celebrated by visiting my husbands mom (and dad) for dinner.

As from Sunday a week ago first TeeBee, then Fairlight, then Synthia had a fever, so I have had no chance to figure out what I wanted for Mothers Day (yes, I'm a total bitch to buy presents for and changes everything if I had not specificly wished for it) so I got my husbands card to buy me something later. Suits me much better!

Fairlight got the chicken pox this Friday so she is now on medication 4 times/day since her cell toxins makes her less resistant to this sickness. Poor girl :(
(she suffers from the rare soft tissue rheumatism Juvenile Dermatomyositis, JDM)
Right now I'm just hoping for Fairlight's recovery and that TeeBee and Synthia won't get infected. Yeah, fat chance of that not happening! Chicken pox contaminates by a look of an eye! Crap! I'll be home with sick kids for weeks.
Congratulations on Mothers Day to me!
Bitter? Noooo......what gave me away?