Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gothic item: Octupus lamp

In my mind I live in a wonderful, scary castle filled with amazing designed goth items (instead of this white, white and white apartment mostly designed to carry as much stuff in the smallest area possible).

GetBentMetal on Price: $1,500.00 CAD Buy it HERE.
In my "mind home" this lamp will have a certain place.
Sure, a "bit" costly, but to my fortune, my mind home also carries a huge "mind account".
I love this idea! I'm not a huge octupus fan in general, but this I just can't resist!
It got all of it's 8 arms wrapped around me!

Today's make up

I did a root filling before Christmas. Last night I went nuts (well, HAD nuts to be correct - can't become something you already are ).
Filling fell out. Must see the dentist today.

One thing dentists do really well is smudging your make up. So on "dentist days" I'm not that particular with my make up.
Still, like to wear much but I focus on waterproof and non smudging make up.

This is today's dental make up. Lipstick are less clever to use (been making out, have we?) so I just put some on my finger and colorize carefully, or use the kids permanent lipstick.
I'll have to do an "after" shoot to show you.
Haha, I often ask them to put paper on my head as well to not be sprayed with water. I think they think I'm a bit on the crazy side...and I know they are right.


This is how the two beds turned out:

I made a small mattress for them today as well. How I wish I could shrink and try one out. But they aren't comfy I suppose. I'm used to a soft, poofy princess mattress myself.

And the toilet is slowly getting there... Today the kids wanted me to make a small round pool for the outside as well...
"-Hi, kids, I'm your mom, and my life is only about pleasing you."

Nah, the truth is I love making things like this with, and for, them. When they are not home I play myself :)
Computer games? Never! Playing with dollhouses and making fun games about pee, with the kids - that's my kind of fun! I'll tell you about that pee game some other time!