Friday, January 27, 2012

Todays make up

I actually thought this would be the best make up everrrrr.

But it's more of a common BatBrat everyday make up...

Nothing in particular, but still sweet. You always got to love yourself!

This Friday I will have an additional child sleeping over (no, it's not my "sister").

My best friend L is kind enough to lend me her youngest to have a sleep over with TeeBee.  It will be fun!

Guessing there will be lots of Star Wars and Lego building going on.

So the girls can have a small sleep over by themselves as well.


I'll will be nailed to the sofa with the pretty boy's (known as my husband) lips glued to mine  <3

Friday I'm in love!

BatBrat design

Here's one of the first plates I made.

I love it!

It holds 60 degrees Celsius in the washing machine without problem.

I have made a few others (different text) before, but now my confidence is up and I will actually make a few for my (so far empty)