Sunday, October 16, 2011

London 2011 - The trip to Gothenburg.

Last Tuesday I had a train ticket to Gothenburg, to stay at my sisters until Wednesday morning when we're about to leave for London.
Monday I asked my travel planner at what time the train left the next day, and he said 16.26.
Next day I had all of my packing in a big pile in my bed when the cute husband got home feeling sick and disturbed my already messy brain. NOOOO! It's not fair!
As time went on I'd figured it was time to double check the exact time. The clock was now 15.43. And - Ohh noo! It left at 15.32!
I missed the train!
16.26 was when it left from the next change station. Gahhh...
My husband said; if you leave within 2 minutes you can make it by car to the next change station.
Now I know I should not trust anyone who's sick...
I shoveled everything into my bag and took a run for it (I might have tossed one of the kids in as well)...and still missed the train with 3 minutes...
Fortunately there was a first class seat on the next train (sounds UCG, but it was cheaper than 2'nd class), leaving within an hour. I figured I could drive the car half way back to my hometown and get the train there so my parents in law didn't have to go so far to collect it the next day.
I had an hour, and the trip itself would take me about 35 minutes. No sweat!
Well, that is, if you are not me...

First off I couldn't find my way out of that godforsaken town, and ended up at the same place 3 times before getting it right! Now I was down to 45 minutes...
And I also had to fill the tank before leaving the car.
The tank light went on. And just in time I arrived to the right town and I found a petrol vendor! 10 minutes left.
I have not refueled a car for at least 6 years, and that time I got help.
Did I mention I used to be blonde?

I tried to think about how my husband usually does this kind of things and I remembered what side of the car I had the gas cap so I placed the car on the right side.
I called my father in law just to make sure what kind of petrol to give Miss Brown (my SAAB's name). Opened the gas cap from inside the car.
I walked out with a big coinfidence!

But then everything went downhill. I really wish there would be a camera following me around sometimes because I feel like my life is filled with total blonde moments...

I carefully watched the old man in front of me and as it was my turn, I followed the written instructions (pretending as I didn't read them) and put in my husbands card. I thought I was on a roll!
Bling! Message on the screen: "You are not authorized to do this. Remove card." I use this card all the time, I'm authorized!
Tried it once more. Same shit!
Old man starts looking at me. I had to ask if I was using the right machine. Evidentially I was.
Hmm, so, okay, perhaps I'm supposed to put the petrol tube-thingy into the hole before it works?
Put the thingy into the hole then back to the machine. Same shit.
I had to put myself through the embarassment of going into the petrol station. Even more embarassing was there was a sweet young, bit alternative girl, working there, and she had a friend there as well. Oh my, the laughter that would follow!
"-Hi, I'm so sorry, but I need some help to fill my car with petrol, I'm not sure how to do it?".
"-Sure!", the nice girl said and followed me out.
"-First you need to remove the petrol tube handle from your car and put it back where it belongs."
"-Heh...yeah...I was just trying out something new..."
I put in "my" card and inserted the digits. Again that evil machine gave me the same answer!
"-Ahhh", the sweet girl said, "now I remember, another guy had the same problem earlier today, there is something with the connection to the bank that failes".
"-So, it's not ME!!!?" I was doing line dancing inside my brain. I'm not stupid, I'm not stupid!!!
I tried with my own card - AND it worked!
The girl went inside, and I could feel her and her friend following my every move. Shape up, Adora!

Choose the right petrol, put in the petrol thingy and squeezed the handle. Petrol 98 went were it should. I felt like I should get a diploma or something!
100 SEK and stop. Put back the petrol thingy to the machine and got back to the car.
Then I started thinking (always a bad idea if you are me). How did the machine know I just filled the car for 100 SEK since I put in and then removed the card before filling the tank? Perhaps there was like a limit, like you always need to fill for 300 SEK, and I didn't know that and would leave without filling what's mine?
I had to get back to the store.
I can swear they had a hard time not to burst into laughter.
 I asked my stupid question and she said the card knew how much I filled, and if I wanted a receipt I just had to put in my card again and press the receipt button.
"-Oh!" so I did. Asked where the train station was (5 minutes left) and it was just nextdoor to the petrol station.
Jumped in to the car like a jolly sailor just getting his first tattoo.
I figured I was being watched so I leaned forward and gave the girls a wave goodbye. They waved back.
Drove like 2 meters when I remembered I forgot to close the gas cap.
I thought I would die of embarassment!
Stopped once more, ran around the car and closed the damn thing.
Got back into the car, gave the girls thumbs up and drowe away. Finally!!!!

But, no, noo, there was still some more embarassment ahead. Sigh.

Drove around the curve, and there to the left was the station.
On the way in there was a woman on her way out from the station, totally blocking my way in since she was on the wrong side of the road. I gave her a sign to drive out in front of me since sha had such a stupid position, and she signed me back I should go first - so I did.
But just as I drove around her I saw a big sign that said it was forbidden entrance that way.
Oh, so that's what she tried to tell me!
I had to do a turn around her, let her drive first and then go in the right way. I couldn't help but to LOL.
Worst thing about having green hair is that the lady will forever remember this.

Parked, hoisted out the 15 kilo bag, went to the platform with 2 minutes to go.
Train arrived just in time. Got on and looked forward to the 3½ hour ride to Gothenburg.
There was no more trouble this day.
On the train I had time to work on a poster me and my friend L wanted to make for a competition. There was no internet on board so I had to settle with what I got in my computer. We only had bits and pieces of the idea, so I had to do as good as I could. 3 hours later I was done, and it's not as good as we had hoped for, but considering the amount of time we had to make it, I think it works. At least we have something for the competition even if we won't win. Keep fingers crossed for us :)

Arrived at Gothenburg train station and my bubbly, übercute sister Iva Insane was there to greet me! How I missed her! Huggies all around <3
As we started to walk out from the station, one man with a big rolling bag came from the left in high speed, and from right there was another man also dragging a bag, also in high speed.
You see what's coming, right?!
3 meters in front of us there was a big KABOOOOM! It was horrible to watch!
Often people have collided when looking at me and my sister. But this was like something out of a comedy!
They crashed into eachother in such high speed their arms just flew forward and they almost bounced off eachother in the opposite direction!
We couldn't help but laughing, and I actually went up to them and apologized, saing it was obvious our fault.
Where's that camera man when you need him?!
Got back to my sisters place. As usual told the ghosts and spirits to get the fuck out of there since I don't welcome them (read about the damn ghost here) and then repacked everything to see what I missed. Nothing but shower gel. Sweet.
Hit the sack at 00.30.
No ghosts disturbed my dreams this time.
..and this reminds me I should continue last years London tales. Wow, I'm amazed of how fast my brain seems to work!