Monday, May 14, 2012

100 Victorian collars

The Victorian collars I designed just dropped down in my flat!
100 of them, packaged and ready to enter the shop.

As a designer this is nerves on top.
Now I just need to get a grip on this bookkeeping program and I'm on.
I feel like a want a big premier day!

Nerd glasses on, brain on and everything else off...

Fairlight the trendsetter

The sweet, innocent Fairlight's been nagging since last summer to shave one side off.
When she started crying because we said "no", we realized she really wanted it, so one side was shaved off after the St Lucia. :)

And now she's spread her hairstyle. A nice girl, N, wanted to have the exactly same hairstyle and made her mum shave it in the same way.

My cool Fairlight <3