Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's cake: do's and don'ts

A Valentine's cake should NOT look like this - this is horrific, it will sure end that realtionship! It's a disaster!
I just stumbled across this on the web looking for a nice heart shape.
One might think this is during the process or by a child...but the scary thing is it's not! This is the finished product of a grown woman! Following her process was almost painful.
I can't be a total bitch about it though, because the person who did it did it for a sweet reason, and hearts can never be wrong.
But perhaps I can give her a few ideas on how they can look..., just to be nice (not my beautiful works unfortunately)

"K" as in "kärlek", the swedish word for love
But remember, even if those cakes are beautiful, they might still taste like ass, and that slaugher-looking excuse of a cake can taste like pure heaven.
But I love beautiful things and would easily choose the pretty cake every time.
(How awful of me to publish this when there is people on Phase 1....*sorry* But soon you can eat cake again - and NOT gain weight)