Sunday, April 18, 2010

Montignac diet

I eat according to his first book (not sure about it's english name, but the swedish could be translated to "I eat - therefore I get thin").

There is a Phase 1 - the weightloss phase, and Phase 2 - the stabile phase.

At Phase 1 (and always) you should start every meal with about ½ an apple/pear or some berries. Why? To prevent the blood sugar fall you get after a dinner when your body concentrates on to take care of the new food. This causes you to want some sugar since your body starts feeling slow. By adding a bit of a sugar-rush in advance, you won't get that craving.

Then the big nono's is: potatoes, white rice and pasta, couscous, boiled carrots, corn, grapes, water melon, everything containing wheat flour, NO sugar OR sweetener (candy, soda, juice, cakes, bread, honey, glucose....), no alcohol, no light products, coffee/tea, nothing with carbohydrate over 50 (or 30 dependig on how hard you want to go). I usually go by 30, because I'm done with it quicker and can get back to eating those cream sauces I like in Phase 2 :)

And as I said, no counting. If you want to eat 11 beef steakes with broccoli - go for it. The point is to eat until you feel full.

I keep the fat level down in Phase 1, so a normal dinner can be homemade beef, tomatosauce made from ovenbaked tomatoes with red paprika and red onions with a pinch of garlic and fresh basil that's been mixed to a sauce, served with boiled broccoli and mixed fresh salad (if in Phase 2 I add a dijon cream sause).

According to Mr. Montignac lunch should be the days fattest meal. So an omelette with tomatoes, spring onion, muschrooms and cheese is a good lunch.

Important: your brain needs fat, so by eating "no" fat in Phase 1 that's not really true. Meat contains fat, and you can eat plain cream or creme fraiche sauce if you want. As long as you don't mix fat with carbohydrates you're fine.

I eat fat and fibres (you can also eat fibres and carbohydrates - but absolutley NO fat (meat, cream) to that).

I'll write down what you can eat if you want something for an evening snack tomorrow!