Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the studio: Black Religion

In the car over. Fairlight and Synthia are hilarious!
Been to the studio at my friends house to sing in a new version of Black Religion.
I'm supposed to sing it together with my sister, but since she couldn't this time, I did the whole shebang and she'll just do her parts later.
Man - I sing badly! I have the strangest voice, or as my darling husband says: "You don't have a nice voice, but it's kind of cool."
I can live with that...
My sister on the other hand has got a very nice and soft voice.

Inbetween verses I made a "Today's outfit" shoot.
I got asked how come my pictures can't be magnified anymore - and I must say it baffles me as well.
I have no idea what changed? I must have done something wrong. Ideas, anyone?

Nature Goth

Today in pictures:

My ordinary Saturday routine is to wash and re-color my hair (I add a bit of Directions semi color to my conditioner) and then I cut the bangs.
Sweden had the most beautiful fall in store for us today, so we gathered the little ones and prepared to do a "Hanzel und Gretyl", but without the evil ending ;) We acctually love our kids <3
We packed some cookies and drinks in my 50's inspired picnic basket and headed for the forest.

I had a blast today! It was so much fun playing about and the weather made it feel like a fairytale.

We found the same place as we visited this spring to have our cookie break on and stuffed us with freshly baked cupcakes. Super nice <3 Pure pleasure.
We struck gold as well, and found a place with lots of blueberries so we plucked enough to make some blueberry cupcake tomorrow.