Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goth returns

Since I'm having some obvious trouble with being in the sun we can naturally only travel by night, so now the baby BatBrat 's are sleeping in the backseat and I enjoy the ride home as my pretty companion drives the carriage.
A BatBrat can only stay away for so long.
The blood always tastes better at home.
"Home is where the hearts you eat are" - old BatBrat saying ;)

Goth in nature

My trip to Kalmar (where my mum and her husband lives, and my uncle O lives with his family 1 house down, and my grandpa Harry lives 3 houses down) have been fab. This morning we all went the 100 meters down to the beach and my pretty husband and TeeBee and Fairlight took a nice bath in the 22 degree Celsius water.
Me and Synthia mostly walked around in the water and collected dead fishes that we put in a nice row in the sand. We found 9.

Then we got back to the house for a coffee break at 13:30 with grandpa and had last nights blueberry cupcakes me and the kids made with the blueberries from the garden. Very nice, grandpa said.
We gave him 2 bags for the freezer as well :)

I posed for "Goth outfit of the day" and grandpa just "-Ehh, what are you doing?" Haha! I told him I wanted to include him in the picture since he is an internet celeb now. He thought that was funny :)

Then my cool and sweet uncle and his lovely family arrived back from their boat trip so we went down to greet them.

After dinner we served a strawberry cake we made together. It was lovely I might add. It almost tasted like a cloud :)
I served it with a rum and chocolate sauce to ripple on top. Most delightful! I wanted to use an Amaretto liquor instead, but rum worked lovely with the strawberries.

Now I'm in the car on my way home.
I have a smile on my lips because it was so nice meeting them all again, the weather was perfect and the kids had fun. This Goth mum is very contempt.

Tuesday: Follow up

After arriving to Kalmar yesterday, my old hometown, I bought some checkered floor to my small hall, then we went to my "syssling" (my mums cousins kid) Linda, who owns the popular Cafe house "Fik & Butik" (Coffee and Curiosa) in Rockneby.
We wanted to go to her shop, but she was closed so we got an invitation to their wonderful home where I cuddled their ridge back HUGE and friendly dog, their 17 hens and they kept 3 beehives as well, but I didn't cuddle the bees.
We were served wonderful, home baked strawberry pie and cupcakes and shortbreads.

I totally recommend everyone who's got the way pass Kalmar on the E22, driving north, to stop in Rockneby for a homemade cake!
And I'm not saying that to be partial!