Monday, February 25, 2013

Knights and horses

It's been school holiday this week.
Went to the museum and played dress up with TeeBee.
It was so funny to dress him as a Knight!
I realized how clever people must have been back then because when he was fully dressed he could almost not move because of the weight and he had trouble speaking through the helmet.
This must have been an enormous help to keep the kids in one place instead of running around like crazy people. I of course immediately bought one for him to wear at home ;)

Yesterday we went to friends that live in the outback to have fun in the snow. I fell out of the plastic sledge all the time. That was fun too... for the kids.

We went back inside and as we were to feed their rabbits and opened the door their 5 horses had escaped and just hanged very casual outside their door. It looked so funny! They were like; Mhm, so?!

Monday goth make up and outfit

It's time to bleach the roots but I was lazy this weekend so now I have to cover it up with flowers and bows until I get the time.
I'm a Goth girl who loves pink flowers and it casts a shadow on my cool person ;)

At school we learned to change a man's collar and to change the pattern of the shirt.
I hate math...
Making pattern isn't anything else but making math all the time. I feel like Einstein...but without the smartness.
My math teacher, Gösta, would be so proud!