Friday, April 8, 2011

Making marzipan chickens

Fairlight turns 6 on Monday, so I'm up to my lace gloves in flour, powdered sugar and butter. I will make 7 different kinds of cookies (it's a tradition in Sweden).
I have made a bunch of cute little chickens to decorate some cookie or perhaps the cake with. Usually I like my chickens dead and on a plate, but this is kind of fun to. Pip piiip. It will make me feel like a giant when I crush them between my teeth. Mo-ha-ha-haa!

Gothic item: fingerless lace gloves

Notice: wearing lace/netting gloves will not protect you fingers from blood when you cut people open (as most plain people think we'll do). I still recommend you to wear latex gloves for this kind of hobby. The lace glove is for decoration only.

One day you wake up and decide to leave the cornflake eating, Nike wearing and fake smile world to become part of the wonderful goth side of life, where fibres, Demonia shoes and black lipstick smiles will rule your world.
To portrait yourself as a gothic person you will need some basic things you just can't do it with blue jeans and a flower decorated cotton shirt.

One item is the fingerless gothic lace gloves.
There are many different styles to it; for example the more Lolita, the basic and the old style elegant (I also know there are big differences in what contry you are from). I'm mostly a fan of basic goth and old style elegant. I like it quite plain so I can wear lots of jewells :)
Have these

and similar
from Dark Destiny at
I'm extra fond of this kind, with half fingers. It's hot!
I'd buy it in a second!
Totally my style <3 My fav in the bunch