Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Question time

I got this in my comments the other day and feel like I want to give a fair explanation:

Anonymous said...
she never answers your comments or questions either here or on facebook, you losers ... that's how great she is. it's nauseating.
August 5, 2011 3:01 PM

@Anonymous: That's not true. I answer every now and then :(
The next day I always read through the comments from the day before. I would like to answer every comment and mail I get, but I am very sorry - I cannot :(
I get over 200 mails and comments every day, I blog and works with other things and I have 3 kids that want's mummys attention as well. I try to be humble and answer when I can, but I'm sorry to say I failed...
I can but say I will continue trying and perhaps say "Thank's" a bit more often since many are sweet taking their time to leave me comments.

Thank you everyone for leaving me cute comments, interesting questions and telling me to shape up (I appreciate this too).
One more thing: I think there is always two ways of saying the same thing.
Instead of insulting this blogs followers (people who have done you no harm) and me you could just have rephrased it to:
"Adora, I feel like you never answer any comments here or on Facebook. How come? A bit more feedback to your readers would be welcome."
This still makes your point, but sounds a bit nicer.
Always try to think about how you say things (this lesson I tell my kids every week). Try to be humble, since you know nothing about this person. I could just have lost someone close to me, I might have a disease myself, perhaps I suffer from narcolepsy or I killed someone and ponders about that all days being afraid the coppers will knock on my door with some cold steel to put on my wrists. And I do not mean the stylish kinds that's called bracelets...