Saturday, September 8, 2012

Adora BatBrat killed by disco bimbo Ange-Lick-A

Yo, you wicked girls!
I'm so supersorry, right, cause I kind of killed the goth girl who usually writes here.
Like, Adora was about to paint her eye with a kohl pen when I just listened to this crazy house beat in my bling headphones, and like stumbled over her huge, ugly goth plateu shoes and like a freak accident happened to grip her hand with the kohl in it and just jammed it right through her left eye.
Shit, she looked so surprised! It was so, so funny! The look on her face just cracks me up still. Hahah...
Ok, no need to be sad about Adora BatBrat being killed, I'm her pretty twin Ange-Lick-A and I just moved in, in front of the mirror, pulled the kohl out of her eye and did my pretty make up before I left for a night on town.
I'll take the chance to do today's make up just to show you girls from the dark side you don't have to do this depressing and black goth make up all the time. This is like an alternative to that. Perhaps I can take a few of you from the dark side to the bright and happy side of us blond disco bimbos.
Lame pink lipstick.

Faux blond hair on weft.
Soft pink blush, light brown eyebrow pen, Kryolan lashes (shorter than my usual ones).
Hi, look at my perfect cheer leader smile :)

Pink is perfect.