Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adora's Dream world: "Nude on a boat trip"

What's with all those dreams?!
And those darn evil dreamgirls!

Last night I dreamt there was some kind of alternative wedding going on in town and I went to this huge boat ride with lots of others. Ended up at some island looking bit like Pirates of the Caribbean where there was some kind of competition.
When I was on the boat trip back I was nude all of a sudden!

Arrived at the harbour and was about to walk the 30 meters up to our last house. I felt it was bit embarrassing to walk nude since I gained a few kilos over the summer.
In front of me walked another nude girl, also from the boat trip. I asked her if we could walk together to make it less embarrassing.
And she's like: -Don't think so! and walked away!!!

What the hell?! What's with everyone being a bitch to me in my dreams?
Wednesday it was my sister being a bitch in my dream ;(

Okay, so, when I reached our house there was another kind of stairs, like a climbing wall on the outside and very unstabile. For some reason I couldn't use my hands either.
I climbed the "stairs", nude, and tried to figure out how to open the door since I had to balance both feets and couldn't use my hands.
I whistled, tried to make noice and shouted. Finally my husband opened the door and said: -Why are you naked? And I said I have no idea since the clothes just disappeared during the boat trip and that it was a dream and things just happens like that in dreams. HAhaha!! :)

Then there was this jump to a new dream where my breasts had been blown up somehow.
They had been blown up so much there was now a uni-breast! 
Uni-boobs (symmastia)
And it felt like a soft dough and started to rip open. I tried to make it into 2 breasts pressing the side of my hand between them, but then they just moved up to my throat. It was like a baloon in there!
I woke up in shock! Phu, still two separate breasts...