Monday, May 21, 2012

Making cookies

The girls, Synthia and Fairlight, are having a picnic at school tomorrow and they wanted sweet mum (me) to make them cookies this time, so I used 1/4 of the recipe of Brussels cookies and tried to make different kinds from the same batch.

I hope they'll be so happy tomorrow. Okay, I admit, I'm hoping for "Mum of the year". At least I might get 3 votes :)

Healthy, skinny body 2: My body

This might come off as bragging - but is far from.
It is more of an insight on how ridiculous one can be.
I'm 39! Took me some years to appreciate current status on my body and say -Hey - it's totally okay!

And to think I spent my teens thinking it looked horrendous!
The hip bone poking out, my ribs showing, my flat butt and my crooked legs as well as my height made me feel like an alien.
Today I would have been so happy to have that body. Stupid teen me!

Being naturally skinny is never beautiful according to society and people LOVE to make you feel bad because you have that body type. And the fact I don't work out and also eat (what I consider) "right" (Montignac Method) is even more tantalizing apparently.

I once read a funny comic:
2 fat ladies were sitting by the pool as a skinny bitch was climbing out of it.
Fat lady 1:-Being that skinny is SO ugly!
Fat lady 2: Yeah, I agree. I wish I was that ugly...

I think that summens it up ;)

I like to be positive so I've decided to think like this:
"I will love the body I have right now, because in a year it will look worse!" and that, my friends, is a true quote by Adora BatBrat!

So, take a good look in the mirror tonight and tell your body it's the most beautiful you have ever seen! <3

If you won't mind me saying:
Whoa! Your body looks great!

Healthy, skinny body 1

At 35 I had a birthday party and one of my best friends, L, made a super funny speach about me.
The little bitch (no offence) had collected my most famous quotes over the years for this.
It was so funny! I was really struck by all the smart things that apparently came out of my mouth!
One of the first quotes she ever heard me say was:
"I'm the best at being skinny" (Jag är bäst på att vara smal).
(and still she choose to become my friend! <3)

I remember using that a lot as a teen...

This will realate to this weeks focus:
 Healthy, skinny body.