Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poster of me

As ego as I am I still haven't done this before...

I am kind of allergic to having things on my walls and I just want the flat to be anonymous white and pure booring...mostly because colors disturbs my high functioning brain.
Ahh, how lovely!
 "-But hey", you say. "We have seen on pictures you have lots of pink and other colors in your flat!"
With my head bowed in shame I must confess that is true.
What else is true is I have a husband who nags about adding some color at home and wants canvases on EVERY wall!
"-Oh, this wall is white, clean and calming - we must add a canvas here to mess it up."
(and since he is such a doll to look at I try to be obliging)
Okay, I admit these two walls looks kind of cool - but not after a week!
So I change curtains, cushions, canvases and clutters every now and then: summer = soft pink, autumn = light green or grey, winter = well, Christmasy..., spring = light turquoise.
Every now and then I manage to have it all white...for a day or two before he complains.

I focus on being happy with the fact I do have white roofs and white walls in all 5 rooms, as the kitchen and the 2 toilets, and white floors in 3 of the rooms.
I have been lobbying for 3 years to get a white floor in my livingroom as well (instead of that horrendous wooden floor). But still no luck there. He says he don't wanna live in a hospital!
WHAT?! That's lovely I think. He's pretty, but a bit crazy ;)

And here comes the ego part in.
Finally I decided since I'm stuck watching canvases on every wall I might as well have me on them. I should have myself all over the walls! I like how I turn out on pictures and I am a bit of a fan to myself, but admiering my pictures instead of the reflection in the mirror.
And yes, you can be in love with yourself without being a snob about it. Love yourself and be humble. Noone in their right mind can say it's wrong to love yourself.
So today I made a pretty canvas of me and my darling from last years M'era Luna festival.
I love it <3
Darling and me
How it was made? Tell you tomorrow - it's sleeping time now.