Monday, October 17, 2011

Modelling Freyagushi

The second Freyagushi picture is done!
It looks so special <3
The photographer Izaskun Gonzalez made the surroundings and me look like something from a movie. And the sweet cage dress and matching hairbow designed by Freyagushi was so nice wearing. I loved it! The shirt and cuffs was also her pretty design.
I think it looks so sweet!
I'm so proud finally modelling for Freyagushi, I have admired her work for years.
Wihhooo for me!

Modelling Freyagushi couture

Photographer Izaskun Gonzalez

Todays outfit

I've been out for the first time since Thursday, when I had my surgery done.
I put on my faux fur coat I bought in London, put on some new diva shades and spangle tights and went out.
I felt so UCG (Upper Class Goth)!
So what if the coat costed like $57 and the diva glasses were on sale for $7!
UCG isn't supposed to cost a fortune, just to look like it did ;)
Then you can put up a BIG mo-ha-haaa, just like I did.