Monday, April 30, 2012

Crafting: Blue chair

I just finished the stuffed seating.

Man, that's some hard work I just did! My arms are like over cooked Italian spaghetti right now after all that pulling and hammering.

IF there is a real tapestry maker out there - yes, I know I should have used more nails to make the surface smoother, but I figured I won't need this piece to last a human life length, I'm happy if it lasts 3 years.

Now I will join my family and a few other family's for some sausage grilling! My arms needs a rest anyway..

Crafting: Blue chair

Finally the work continues with TeeBee's blue chair.

I almost puked when I removed the old fabric and filling. Gahh, so much disgust.

Being a bit short on foam and ordinary filling I simply cut up a cheap bed blanket and added a shamefully cheap pillow from IKEA to make the seat a bit more cosy.

Now time for the base fabric before I add the blue one.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Todays make up

Back to Sunday Goth activities:
What a Goth might be up to on a Sunday?

This Sunday was a sunny, lovely day so we had lunch at the famous local ice cream place, The Glacier, (you always gets 3 big spoons of each flavor, so 3 flavors means 9 big spoons!) and each kid had 3 flavors! I had a 3 flavor as well - and added a soft ice cream on top. It was HUGE!
I had Rum raisins, Cinnamon&apple and Chocolate fudge as vanilla soft ice with sprinkles.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Table accident

Current status of my injury, 10 hours later.

It guess just a little...

Looking forward to see what color it is tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clumsy Adora!

Me and TeeBee watched Lilo and Stitch.

It was time for our afternoon break so I jumped up from the sofa to go and prepare it.

I stumbled on my long goth legs on a wire and fell like a timber.

I scraped my ribs on the corner of our coffee table, my left arm got twisted to my back. I thought it would snap!

Luckily it didn't but my ribs are gonna look nice tomorrow I guess...

It only hurts when I laugh ;)

I'm changfung

How I just love when my phone makes up her own words!

"Changing" is the correct word.

Today I created a real business account and tomorrow I'll have an important meeting at 11:00 am to seal my destiny. If all goes well I will change.....   :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New tattoo!

(my posts have recently been disappearing, so this is from the 30th of March)

I've just done a new tattoo!
I had all the kids with me for support and they hold my hand and constantly asked me "-Mummy, does it hurt?"
They we're so sweet to me! ..or they just really wanted to make sure I was in pain...

As a reward we all went and looked at the dead easter rabbit me and TeeBee found yesterday and then they got lollypops (me as well).
Poor little rabbit... It's not just because I'm goth I like to show my kids stuff like this -  it's also a unique way to see how nature cleans up dead animals.
The sweetest thing is we all got our lollipops for free today!

We "bought" them at the gift/home decor shop "Enkla" in Karlskrona. And the manager gave us the lollipops for free since he thought the girls looked so cute in their easter outfits they had on today.

What a lovely thing to do! We all got super happy - and the lollipop even tasted better than usual :)

I hope someone makes your Friday extra special as well!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buns, buns and buns

Ahh, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns fills my flat.

Most of them ended up in the freezer since it's for Fairlight's (final) birthday party on Saturday. A few ended up in my kids stomach :)


I had my dough on yeast for too long...
Nice, my bed is covered in it...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Todays make up

Wihooo!  It's Friday!

Sweden sucks a bit right now - it rains, rains and rains....

If someone in Spain, Italy or elsewhere where it's hot happens to own a private jet and wanna save me from drowning I would really appreciate it *I'll make you cupcakes*

I so hate when it rains because it smells like worms and snails outside and that almost makes me puke.

And I'm cold and it looks boring.

I am not one of those Goths who enjoy this gloomy weather.

I'll run down and check out a 50% sale on shabby chic furniture right now. Let's see if I'll bring something back... perhaps that will cheer my moody, moping, sour, bit angry mood up.

Don't know why I'm complaining really - I have a lovely Goth thing going on right now. I should be proud of myself not being so cheery and stupidly happy.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Todays make up

You know the feeling when you just love your face - I had that today!I felt so Adora BatBrat <3
I'm quite happy about how I turned out today <3
The cute girls at daycare said I had my prettiest moment ever today. I even heard the word "princess".
They were most intrigued by my one green eye. How is that possible?! they said.

My own kids are never impressed.. -Mhm, so you have your lens on today *gasp*. What's for dinner?
Kind off like that. links:
*Love the earings, neck corset and Bat brooch? Neck corset: $25.00. Check PinkAbsinthe out! 
*Love the Bat necklace? £8.00. Check SyntheticDoll out!

Using alcoholics to teach the kids math

I like to imply math for the kids using our environment.
Yesterday we went by the place where our local drunks hangs out.

I asked: How many alcoholics are on every bench?
They answered unanimously: 1 on the first bench, then 3 on the next one, and one on the last.
Good, I said (since I've heard you should always give credits to kids).

How many alcoholics are there in total, and on how many benches?
- 5 alcoholics on 3 benches, they said.
Mummy Adora BatBrat could not be prouder of her little geniuses.

You should totally try this at home! I just couldn't stop laughing when I told my loved husband.
He thought it was cruel. Obviously he's got no sense of humor!

Crafting: sugar art

I used a chocolate mold for doing this sugar swan this Easter.
It turned out beautiful!
But old habits dies slow and I happened to break the neck while I tried to bite was such a long and inviting neck!
Had to "glue" it back (with sugar icing).

I think I will let the kids feast on it on Fairlight's birthday party for her classmates next week.
Their parents will be SO thankful for that kind gesture.
Shit, I still got that evil streak in me! Thank Goth for that!
I was a bit worried I've become nice.

Now I will paint the final coat on TeeBee's chair so I can put on the fabric until my darlings birthday (my pretty husband turnes 23 - or was it 43(?) the 21'st) on Saturday so the place doesn't look like a complete mess with half-done projects in every it most often does..
That will probably be on top of his wishlist when it comes to me...

There must be chaos before order

...and this is halfway through the tiding up...
But I did make a necklace!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adora BatBrat: The hoarder

First thought: gotta have!
Second though: my husband is gonna hate me.
Third thought: gotta have!

Up on my throne I can see almost everything. Just now I saw workers throwing things from a shop that's redecorating.
I saw something that "might come in handy" and quickly told Fairlight to put on her shoes and run down with me.
I kindly asked the men if I could grab a few things and they totally said okay! (Always ask for permission if it's a rented container!)

As soon as I saw this I just knew it would make a fabulous scene in the kids room, and where I could sneak in and act a total Goth rock star singing electro Goth when the little ones gone to the dreamland at night. Whohoo!

My husband can't say shit about it because he is on a business trip and won't be back until tomorrow and that makes me the only ruler of the flat!
And by then the kids will just LOVE the scene their cool Goth mum gave them. Mohahahaaaa!
Score: 1p to the evil hoarding team!

Crafting: TeeBee's new chair

I have Fairlight home sick so I can only do things that doesn't need my brain to be connected.
Painting is perfect for that.

I love, love, love the color I choose for TeeBee 's chair!
I have found a fabric in the same color so the chair will be all in the same color.
It was a bitch finding a fabric in the right color so eventually I had to go for a pillow case. Brought it with me and my "paint and wallpaper guy" mixed me the right color.

Now I'm on to paint some final white coat on a few charity shop findings.

What a nice day - cuddling Fairlight and paint!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Killing easter

I started to remove the Easter stuff today since Easter is dead already.
Feathers, eggs, chickens, hares and crazy colors all over the place (well, this was the "grownup" tree) is now safe behind a led door so it can't hurt me the same way kryptonite hurts Superman.

I went up early and made vanilla, raspberry, lemon and cinnamon cupcakes (4 batches) for Synthia for the school picnic she had today.
Poor Fairlight caught a fever and TeeBee had his day home today, so I had 2 pretty kids to hug all day long!

Us 3 made a picnic by ourselves at home - on the living room floor. The cupcakes tasted delicious while sitting on the blanket.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Todays make up

The make up I had on yesterday for Fairlight's party:

I love my bats <3

TeeBee and the robot

Darling TeeBee was invited to a birthday party to a boy from daycare later today. We made the gift look like a robot. So sweet!

What was in it?

The same skull tee-shirt TeeBee is wearing :)

Now they can be shirt-twins...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fairlight's 7'th birthday party number 3

Dollhouse kitchen

Semlor: mini!

Fairlight's 3:d 7 year birthday party today.
My dad and my bonus mum came for a coffee <3

I made miniature "semlor "(and more).
They are just too cute to look at!

I made them out of cupcake dough, recipe can be found somewhere in my blog (although they should be made out of wheat dough), and added the cardamom to copy the taste of the wheat bun.

Then I cut off the lid, spread "mandelmassa"/almond paste (?) on the bottom, added whipped cream, put on the lid and topped it off with a dash of granulated sugar on top.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Todays (panic) make up

You know these days when your husband fails to press the snooze button and shut the alarm off instead...?

These days happened to be THIS day.

2 minutes daycream and foundation.  3 minutes make up. 2 minutes hair, and out the door.

I have done better(and Goth make up in less time), but this is okay.

But there is one reason I don't really mind going out like this; with almost no make up on:

My husband says I look like Kate Blanchett (not sure about the name, but she played Queen Elizabeth)  when I'm without make up - and that makes me so proud! She looks so cool and strong!

I don't look like her according to me, but I welcome the compliment.

Photo attachment to previous post

Ups, missed the pic!

Youth treatment


I'm off to my yearly facial.

Backside: make up will be ruined so I have it to a minimum. Gotta go for the big shades today.

And also I'm forbidden to wear make up for several hours!

And we are going to the water park later - oh, noooo! crap!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Todays make up

This is kind of an "old" picture since I took it a few weeks ago and forgot to post them..this was during my business class.

I hope noone had second thoughts on why I spent such long time in the bathroom...

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Todays make up

Rain outside today. I hate rainy days! Guessing a cool Goth should love the rain, but I'm not that cool...

My toes are freezing and my fingers are almost numb..
At days like these I wish I was a Goth living in Spain...someone please beam me!

Monday, April 9, 2012


My cats

I heard some snoring from the kitchen and found our two lovely cats sleeping together.

I can't tell you enough how much I love cats!

Porsche is a full breed, seal masked Siamese, international champion and a retired "avelshanne" (you know, he fathered a LOT of kittens).

He is so cool and look so Goth with his bat ears!

Prince Vinyl is a domestic cat although his mum was a Siamese and his dad a Holy Birma (Swedish name translated straight off. Is it Birman?).  He looks like a short haired, blue sealed Birma.

Posts disappearing!

I have found out that half of my posts mysterious disappears...

Although I have made at least one update every day - I can't find it later?

Stupid phone blogging. Crap in pants stupid. Wet finger in the ear stupid.

Todays Sunday Goth activity was a lovely Easter dinner at my in-laws.  And I had some coffee dessert with me. Sweet.

Best part is; my smart husband brought plastic boxes with him to put the leftovers in, so now we can enjoy this super nice dinner tomorrow as well!

That's the kind of smart I like <3

Things we discussed during dinner: crazy puke we'd had, diarrhea, crickets in the mouth, ghosts, funny toilet visits, amongst others.

Just another dinner at the BatBrat table...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fairlight's birthday party No I

The lovely Fairlight had her birthday party for the relatives Friday.
Fairlight, me, Synthia and TeeBee
We'd baked all week and everything was so good<3 Fairlight made the table look so pretty.
(see the sugar swan I made?)
I'm wearing my cute lace bunny ears from lasts seasons H&M. I didn't get shot.