Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Police business #3

Tuesday 18'th February at 15.30.
I was out to get the kids from school and daycare when the police made a housecall.
My husband, home early because he was sick, opened the door. The policeman said he's been to Greta's and promised her to look in our apartment to see if there was any bugging gear in here. Of cause there wasn't, and he did not believe he would ever find any, but he made a promise. He got back to Greta, told her he didn't find any. "They have of cause hidden it", she said.

The police asked if it was anything to do with the way we looked? But she thought we looked like everyone else (?!). AND - the one she thought bugged her was my husband! She's gotten to her head he was at home all day just to listen to her (note: he works Mo-Fri as a test manager). I'm guessing the policeman had trouble not to laugh at her face..
"-Why would he have any interest to listen to a 94 year old woman?" police said.
"-Yes, I was wondering the same thing?!" she replied.
"-There must be at least 25 000 more interesting people he'd rather listen to, don't you think?"
"-I why is he listening to me?"

There will be more.. this Greta-story is far from over...
Been away to my best friends sons birthday party - he turned 6 and got a shirt with Darth Vader and a cool book about all kinds of robots from us :)
We got a very nice sticky brownie with whipped cream in return *me like*

ODIUM is having a sale!

My model friend Sanna who owns ODIUM have a sale!
ODIUM's sale
I bought a pair of 10 eye Pole Climber. A few days ago I took them for a spin.

The Police business #2

At first I thought Greta's fantacy about us bugging her flat hilarious...but then I got scared. What if this maniac, instead of killing herself, all off a sudden did a 180 and wanted to kill us!!!
I could just imagine a "Psycho" moment where she jumped out from behind her door with a knife and stabbed me and the kids - WHAAAA!!!

WHY on earth should I want to listen to her? To hear her cuckoo clock saying tic tok? Now I'm actually intrigued - perhaps I should bug her flat?

The Police business

Thursday 18'th February I got a call from the police at 10 am.

A very nice police officer told me that the lady next door, 94 (!!!) year old (lets call her-) Greta, had lost her marbles and reported us to the police because she's gone delusional and gotten the idea that me and my husband is bugging her flat and tapping her phone and mobilephone!?

The police was very nice to me and said he understand this is an unhappy situation for us. He told that Greta got this idea after there had been some drilling in the building a year ago, and was sure we drilled a hole to her apartment to bug her. She's been so afraid that she no longer have a phone, and when she is to talk in her mobile she takes the elevator to the garage. She's gotten so afraid lately that she is thinking about killing herself because she's so distressed about this.
I told him he was welcome to our flat to check our walls together with Greta if she wanted.
But people who's gotten this idea often just think I've had the time to "hide" the holes... I just can't win!

Tomorrow I will write the follow up...