Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old picture of the day

At breakfast at dads he brought out some old pictures and I found this lovely one of my (not yet complete) family..
Fairlight sits in the carrier. She is so cute in the hat I made her! And Synthia looks like a little doll <3

And me, not to forget about ME! I have always loved the yellow hair on me. I look so stylish!

(ego bitch, aren't you gonna say something about the father of these perfect kids? -Do I have to? All that comes out is just <3 <3 <3...)

Today's make up and style

First I drove my cool SAAB to dads and extra mums house.
This is how happy I was seeing them <3

Then we had a lovely barbeque dinner with lots of extra.
Thanks, Berith!

Ta-daa! Time for my rhubarb pie to make an entry. It was SO good!!!

Of course I took second.

Mmmm, I'm in love!