Saturday, May 21, 2011

25 again!

Ahhh, I just got back from my facial. It was great! Expensive, but great.
Oh my, now I will look 25 for one more year. Worth every penny!
I'm so pleased with the result, although now I can't wear make up all day and have to stay clear of the sun. I just have to bring my best friend, Mr Umbrella, to todays barbecue and wear some big shades and I'm in the clear. Well, I cheated a bit - I have lipstick, rouge and itsy-bitsy eye makeup on.
I can tell you I am actually a real vampire (because you won't spill my beans), but I do these facials just to fool ordinary people that's why I don't seem to age. It gives good business to the klinik and I don't have to be chased from town with fire and pitchforks..

Today Synthia had a playdate with a friend from school, a very nice boy with very good social manners. He is so sweet and caring. They have been friends even since kindergarden. When Synthia was three years old I could find them sitting next to eachother and he was stroking her long hair - just like an old couple. So sweet <3
I of course had to make them cupcakes.
 The pink one is with raspberries and the turquoise is with lemon and vanilla. Here's my recipe for frosting