Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me in the wild

My whole family went to the spinach (nature) today.
I hate the outdoors, but even me, as the fresh outdoors hater as I am, could not resist but to enjoy the moment :) The most fun I had was to look at all the Bambi poop laying exactly everywhere! We even saw fresh poops! Ohhh...the roe deer must have been there only moments before.
And I must say I'm shocked about the amount of poop in the forest. The roes must shit while they stroll. What if we did the same? Just had our excrement running all the time..?

Had the afternoon break on a cliff
The weather was wonderful, and the view even better
 I was plucking sticks and moss for indoor decorations :)
Me and nature used to best of friends in my early years, but we have grown apart, but to visit her today was to visit an old friend, we found eachother immideatly. But I guess it will be a while until we meet again.