Saturday, February 11, 2012

Todays make up

Friday should always be a bit extra special - even though I think you should be Friday/Saturday styled every day...
This Friday Synthia said she wanted to be styled as a cat.
Oh, I got so jealous, I wanted to be a cat too!

This is me on my way to school. I have still not painted on my lipstick - I usually do that on the bus (bit late, ey?) .

I tried to match my daughter by wearing black and white stockings as well.
Aww, I just love the kitty cat make up! The cutest me <3

Fairlight's leopard outfit

My princess Fairlight got a green stick fracture at school Wednesday :(

She got it from falling from a swing while trying to break some record...

Today she was invited for a birthday party at a "kids play-land". She wanted to be dressed like and wear leopard make up.
Although having a cast she was running around more than the other kids! She's a trooper <3

She looks so good wearing leopard prints!