Sunday, January 5, 2014

25 years as the best girlfriend ever!

I've just finished dancing with my husband to this song. Why?
Here's the background story:

Robert Smith, The Cure
Yesterday I cut my henna red colored hair to some kind of bob just so I'd be able to mess it up and style it as Robert Smith at tonights disco. I even tried to do my make up like him tonight.
Me and my friends hang out in my room, a room with Depeche Mode, Boy George, Cindy Lauper, Doctor and the Medics, Fuzzbox, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 posters all over.

We left for the disco far out in the woods; Eringsboda Brunn. There is 2 houses; one big for the normals and a smaller house for all the synthare (electro goths) and svartrockare (The Cure and Sisters of Mercy fans).
Us synthare kept ourselves to the left side of the room, the dj booth in the middle and the svartrockare to the right side. 
There usually came a dim, sweet scent from that side for some reason...

The small house didn't open until 21 so we were forced to wait in the big house (like a huge gym hall) with all the blond bimbos and rednecks.
Me and my friends silly danced to their stupid, so called, "hit" songs.
That's when I saw HIM!
THE him! 
I only saw him from a far but now I know what it looks like when angels appears. It's so wonderful you can't almost watch. 
In fear of loosing my eyesight I didn't dare to look at him too much.

I was done.
Packaged and delivered at his feet.
He must be mine!!!

Small house disco opened and seriously cute guy disappeared. Panic!
Found him! Some butt ugly girl went up to him and gave him a kind of cosy hug.
NATURALLY a boy as wonderfully, well übermensch, pretty have a girlfriend....
Oh, she walked away! Wihoo! She was far too ugly for him anyway.

We continued to look at eachother across the room for hours.
He was so stunning I couldn't talk or even dared to be close to him.
My friends were getting tired of me never making a move and said if I didn't take him they would. I felt the gas burner on my ass.
Where are the slow songs when you need one?

00:11 - finally a slow song!
My eyes scanned the dancefloor for the cute boy, and our eyes met as he did the same.
There was about 5 meters, filled with people, between us, when we both just reached out our arms and walked towards one another.
Without a sound we fell into eachothers arms and since then he had my heart.
The song the 16 year old me and the prettiest boy in the world danced to that evening was the same one we danced to today, 25 wonderful years later *love*

I love you R, the prettiest boy in the world.

From the first night, January 5, 1989

My best tips to have a long lasting relationship is to choose a partner you find so pretty you die a little everytime you look at him/her and whom you miss even when you are close together. 
Someone that makes you laugh every single day, sneakpeaks at you at partys and encourages all your crazy ideas so you actually think you can make it.

January 5, 1989, my life began as the best girlfriend ever.