Thursday, January 23, 2014

I've eaten humans

Now you think I'm full of it - but I'm not!
I have eaten humans - several times.
Boiled, fried and smoked. My favorite is boiled.

My grandpa Harry was a hobby fisherman.
He told me several times about how in the old days when you wanted to get eal you threw a horse head in the water, next day you simply went there and picked up all the eals eating from the cadaver.

He told me the same thing occured once when he happened to find a dead fisherman in the sea - it was full of eals.
This made me like eating eals even more!
Since I've eaten a great deal of eals in my life I've been bound to have eaten one or two that feasted of a dead human.

I did tell this story to a friend that works as a cold-buffert manageress.
She didn't believe me.

Then she got quiet.

Then her face turned a bit green.
She looked at me and said:
-Uh, oh my God! Now as you say this I remember we had the biggest eals ever a couple of years ago, they were stupendous big and we all wondered why,...(her face turned even greener as she said) and it was right after the boat Estonia's accident!!! (where over 800 people drowned)
She looked as she was about to faint!

If you wanna eat humans I recommend boiled eal.
I have a great recipe somewhere...

Apparently I'm doing porn

Well, this is another story that I need to tell...when I've stopped laughing about it.

But this is also so annoying - apparently Blogspot/Blogger have decided I put up porn, sexy pictures, nudity and other "scary" things and sent me a mad mail. Whoot?!
So now I need to go throught ALL my posts and "clean up".
Gah! Are you kidding me???

Yeah, I posted a picture of a uni-boob - that's not porn, it's medical highlightning, two nude girls in a boat - that's not porn, it's art..

If I post pictures of actual sex I can understand, but please?!
This is SO american to Sweden we are not afraid of the human body :/
You know, we all have a nude body under all these clothes.

I'm changing this to an "adult blog" then, and hope I will be released of my horrible ways.