Monday, November 14, 2011

My Music Mondays: Front 242

*Synthare is the swedish term for an electro goth (I think that's the closest).
At the same time as Alphaville, Depeche Mode and Nitzer Ebb were trying their best to kill my Ferguson speakers there was another bidder for my ears love: Front 242.
Headhunter by Front 242
This cool Belgium band also came with a whole package, just likeNitzer Ebb and Depeche Mode they had a certain dress- and hair style.
Dressed in quasi-military attire and having some very graphic and odd band pictures, as well as a pacey live performance they stood out and was just what cool, fake-angry teen girls needed.
Me and my friends even came up with this (rediculous) dance rountine to the song Headhunter. As we were no professional dancers the routine was VERY simple and we danced it as a group (we were a gang of 8-14 girls that always hang out together) so we stood in a long line doing the moves simultaneously.
Still to this day I can't hear the song without taking a few of the moves!

I arranged a bus trip to them playing in Gothenburg when I was 16, 1989 (I think it was the 19'th of March?). I belive I managed to fill a bus with 64 people for that trip.
The fun/sad part was that several of the guys had cut their wonderful synth-hairdo just as Richard 23. If not misstken it was a kind of a mohawk, but 5 centimeters wide and 9 mm high.
I felt so sad that they had cut off that supercute synth-hair.

Classic swedish synth hairdo (apart from the sideburns).
And about 90% of the concert goers had "Front-outfits"; military thingies, 10 eye doc's, black body armour looking vests and linen. Not my favorite synth outfit, but totally okay.
Not that much make up either, so I prefered the Depeche Mode fans more since they had more arty hair and embraced the androgynous look of a New Romantic that has always been my kind of guy!

I love Front 242 so much that I even have their logo for one of the maxi singles "Tyranni for you" tattooed on my arm. I LOVE that tattoo!
Here is another very famous song by the lovely Front242:
No shuffle
And one of my favs:
Official version

Music Monday, I promise!

I have been a tired Adora lately and missed out on my duty's as a respectful blogger. I just put a needle in my hand to make me snap out of it - and hell, it might just have worked! I stood up straight, gazed to the sun and declared "never more". So, yes, there will be a Music Monday today! And also: today's make up.

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