Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me answering a question

I got this in a message and decided to answer it where everyone can see:

"I was reading your blog post about the "little make up and shabby outfit"... and I have to ask you (though I know I'd be the 1000th one): do you put on make up and style your hair and wear fancy dresses every day? Even to stay in home? I mean, what time do you wake up? Right now I'm wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans... I'd like to look at my best everyday, but aside my laziness, I don't feel comfy all day long staying at home in leggins and tight shirts... not to mention wearing shoes at home! is this something you can get used to? Can I train myself feeling at my ease without baggy clothes? Or is this some kind of swedish superpower?"

The answer is - yes! I do dress up every day and wears heavy make up. 
Not festival-dressed, but a bit more over dressed then the average person I guess (since I get asked this a lot). At festivals I'm half nude, and that is not something I wanna be going grocery shopping for broccoli ;)

It's hard to explain without sounding like a narcissist...
I think of it like: "I deserve this. I deserve to feel beautiful and to be the best me every day". Many people wonder why I'm so happy, and I am, and part of it I think is because I dress up every day. Who can not feel happy when dressed nicely?
And also I can't figure out why the most pretty clothes are only to be worn on special occations? I don't have that many special occations...

Sometimes my husband changes into a t-shirt when he gets home from work *sorry to out you, honey* and I give him hell every time. This is what he hears, the poor bastard: "-If you are gonna wear ugly clothes, wear them at work. I should be the one you dress up for, not your work!" I'm a bitch wife!

Also: when we met, my husband choose me because of the way I looked, and out of respect for him I do my make up every day, wears cute clothes and try to keep my hair okay. And therefor I demand the same respect from him. This sounds so horrible: but remember - we have been together for 22 years, so there must be something right by this? Or it might just be Swedish superpower.... (I loved that comment! Wihhhiiihhaha)

But the main reason is: If you look good, you feel good. You deserve to look fantastic every day!

(I do not wear my shoes inside my flat, I have pretty black slippers at home, but I wear shoes on the outfit pictures since I'm in the hallway of the house).
How I miss my blue hair seeing this