Friday, April 16, 2010

Montignac diet

Many people reacted about my Montignac diet.
To tell off the ones saying I'm anorexic - let me explaine:
Many years ago I ate lots of crisps and a bit too much sugar (like in pie/tarts/desserts. Never been a big fan of candy or ice cream), but still homely cooking.

By cutting out the sugar and most of the fast carbohydrates you get headache and feel tired - it's an abstinence result from my body wanting the drug: sugar (also carbohydrates transforms to glucose/blood sugar).

I then developed a painfun gastric catarrh, and was advised to change diet since I ate too much fat.

I started the Montignac diet about 10 years ago and it solved my problem and still let me eat as much as I like without causing me tummy problems. Around friends I'm known to eat humungous amounts of food (but I also poo a lot)! I know it's hard to believe, but according to studies fat people tend to eat less then 3 meals a day - I eat 6.

1. Montignac diet is a lifestyle, not a crash diet.
2. I hate complicated diets. Now I change the potatoes for broccoli and that's it.
3. By eating 6 times a day I never get hungry to the point I'd eat anything in reach.

I have been eating "non-Montignac" - a bit too much cookies and crisps lately (the easter holiday...), so I have not only gained a little weight (about 1½ kilo) but also my gastric problems are occurring again. And instead of eating medine I change my way of eating to a better way. Well, I have to start off by eating a few tabletts to help little tummy get started. Changing diet is to decrease, instead of increase, the gastric problem.

Situps is a must for me since I suffer from backproblems as most tall people, and that my pregnancys killed what was left of it. 100 a day, a few back work outs and a movement to lift the butt (THIS is only for looks - I AM 37 you know....)

I hope "Anonoymous" gets a better picture of me now.
But sure - I like to LOOK anorexic, but being is not healthy - so yes, I hope people who likes to be skinny takes after me and eat healthy, lots and still gets skinny. I think that is a much better idea then to eat orange-jucie dipped cotton to swallow, to make your tummy feel full so you can stop the hunger, as I know many high fashion models do. What those stupid girls don't know is that you have to surgically remove the cotton later. My broccoli, meat and cream sauce goes out the normal way.

I will explain more about the Montignac diet later.
But I like when people are critic and not just accepting, so I welcome those anonymous :)