Monday, February 22, 2010

The Police business #5

This is the latest news in the Greta-story.
As you know my husband went back to our flat.
Next day the police called me to let us know what happened after R<3 left.

Policeman talked to Greta about her meeting R<3 and she didn't find him so intimidating any more...but after a few minutes she said:
"-We must talk quieter, he's in there listening now." The police told me he had to straighten her up and said it was all in her head, and she just won't listen to reason!
"Unfortunally, I'm guessing this is not the last we'll hear from Greta, he said, but now we know she do not have all the horses in her stable."
And then our 2 black plastic sledges were stolen.......

Funny thing: about 2 minutes after R<3 left someone drilled in the house, so now she probaly think we drilled new holes after "we had to put the other ones together" so the police wouldn't find them. Hahaha

Weekly style: Morticia Addams: HAIR

The hair is to be long and shiny. Preferably black (but any color will do).If you don't have naturally long hair - buy some real hair on a weft with clip on's. About 18" is perfect. (put in as usual).
Part hair in the middle, use an iron flattner serum.
I use Schwatzkopf Flatliner.
Then straighten it with a plier.
To get it really shiny I use a coat of Goldwell Diamond Gloss.
Depending on what year of Addams you're looking at she's got slightly curved hair framing the face or have a more straight hair. I prefer the straight. Spray it lightly around the face with a soft spray to keep it in place (L'Oréal or Wella Hairspray nr 3 in Hold). Done!

Weekly style: Morticia Addams

For me, the goth style started with Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones), she have the classy as well as classic original goth style (according to me).
The Addams Family was shown when I was 8 years, and I so wanted to look like this incredible lady.

Some facts (From Wikipedia)
"The character originated in the Charles Addams cartoons for The New Yorker magazine in the 1930s. In the cartoons, none of the family members had names. When the characters were adapted to the 1964 television series, Charles Addams gave her the name "Morticia", implying "death" (derived from "mors mortis", the Latin word for "death", and perhaps also from "mortician")."
I will talk Morticia all week.
Make up tips, hair and clothing. This is the most beautiful goth style, and also very easy to achieve.

The Police business #4

After the policeman had been in our apartment, he made a suggenstion that perhaps my husband could come in and talk to her. She agreed. It was now Greta, Greta's grandchild (age 40+), R<3 and the police.

Police asked Greta what she had against my husband. She said because he was listening to her and that we don't say "hi" in the hallway!
I can't even remember even seeing her but 2 times, and then only her back as she rushed to her door and locked it. Easy to say hi then!? Should I get after her, ring her door and then say hi?
We always says hi to the people we meet in the house, and I like talking to the elderly.

Police also told Greta we have 3 kids - "How do you think he finds time to listen to you, or how can he even hear anything with 3 kids?". Haha, I wonder that to!!!

She asked R<3 many times why he listens to her, she can't just let it go. The police had to tell her off.
R<3 went back in to our flat.

There will be more...

Did Greta steel them?

Yesterday we went out to play with the kids in the 50 cm snow. When we were to get the plastic sledges (black, of cause) that stood outside our door - they were gone, and nowhere to find! My kids got so sad...

Now I'm getting as crazy as Greta next door and think it's perhaps SHE who stole them and are holding them hostage. Most likely it's evil teens, but I can't help thinking....
It's a very wierd coincidense. Should I report her to the police ;)

What do you think? Is it Greta?

I made this snowman to release my anger.