Monday, May 16, 2011

Question time

I sometimes answers questions, and here is one suggested by Henna to be answered in my blog. Good thinking there, Henna!

Henna Javedden 16 maj 11:55
I was wondering, where are your natural eyebrows? i mean to say, what do you do to them so they don't exist?

Well, I'm naturally gifted with thick, low, dark brows (but this was before the digital camera era so I have no pictures of this in my computer). At 12 I started plucking them to make them look like Boy Georges brows,
Me to the left, the original to the right
and after a few years I simply decided I needed more space to do make up on, so inspired by the 30's stars I simply waxed them off!
I use Veet wax strips for legs once a week and cuts off in eyebrow size (more economical than to use the ones for face). And for those who says waxing your brows will make them disappear I will only say: I WISH! I still look like Bert once a week...

Todays make up

Ich bin so müde..
My husband poked on me and said: "-Hey, why didn't you get up when the alarm went off?"
Yeah, good question... BECAUSE I WAS STILL ASLEEP, perhaps?
My 45 minutes of hair and make up-time was shortened to 25 minutes, it's so unfair!

If I would end up dead today I will be very mad this was the last make up I ever wore. At least the hair was good.

My German trip part 2

Wednesday the 11’th of May

Started off with a real model breakfast: eggs, salmon, lots of meat and a good German bread. The hotel served a very nice breakfast buffet. I really recommend City Hotel Garni if ever in Neu-Ulm ;)

At 12 a super nice boy from X-tra-x came to drive us to the shoot.

At the X-tra-x warehouse we said hi to all the nice people working there then we got upstairs to the office and shooting area. Finally I got to meet Jürgen/Monaco after all our mail contact. What a sweet man in person!

A big rack of clothes to be photographed were presented to us so it was just to get to work!
We had SO much fun. I tried to make every outfit look like my own, but it was sometimes difficult because many of the clothes were for the more rock orientated people and not really my style at all, but I tried to make it justice anyway.
We managed 11 styles each and I thought we did good.
Got a ride back to the hotel and then we went out on town in Neu-Ulm to find a store. I needed to buy a new shitty whiskey for my Irish coffee’s. Some local teen girls saw us standing there with a map in our hand looking a bit lost I suppose so they were totally nice and walked with us the 10 minutes to a Kaufhaus. Wow, what sweet residents of this town!
My blow-up sister is leaking air, and then restored (a London tale)
Went back to the hotel and then we went out to the Greek restaurant Monaco sent us to. My sister ordered 4 kinds of meat and I ordered 3 kinds of meat. We might look like vegetarians but we can for sure eat our weight in meat.
With an over full belly we went back and got to sleep with a nice meat taste in our mouth.