Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friday look

Must have been 2 weeks ago...

I have not dared to say anything, but my left fang broke off 4 weeks ago as I took a bite at a sandwich (?!). I just spitted it out in front of my classmates. Sorry!

I've been so afraid someone would take the chance to attack me since I've been just half a vampire.
But now I'm back and I alerted my class to be careful once more since I've got it back.

Apparently not only garlic and crosses is bad for a vampire - bread is too.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Casual Thursday - Tweed

I was told I looked like a British fox hunter in my Tweed outfit today.
But I think I'm the fox ;)

The blood on my cheek was made by a tree (branch?) as I was riding by.
That's how I visioned it anyway...

I made a Tweed jacket with faux leather details on - from a pattern ALL created by me. Just my brain, size chart and math made this (not completely done though).
I'm so proud of myself!

Wednesday - goth circus make up

Class had a Circus theme today.
I have my (selfinflicted) casual Thursdays when I'm forced to wear colors so I have no intentions to wear color any other day.
I choose some kind of clown look..

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Video: Adora BatBrat and kids TeeBee & Fairlight

We just wanted to wish Yohio good luck at the Swedish Melody Festival so me, TeeBee & Fairlight made him a short video <

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday goth make up

Still haven't colored my roots so the cover-up continues...

I've been using lipstick almost every day since I was 12 so to see me without is not common!
Apparently I look so weird without it because I have been asked if I'm without any make up (Adora BatBrat without make up? Sure...if you wanna die), if I'm sick or if I've changed anything in my looks...

Lipstick is the bearer of my whole Goth look then, I guess...
I'm all nude without it.

At school it happens because this Goth girl sometimes brush her teeth just before she leaves home and therefore saves the lipstick until school.
Many think I look good with no lipstick, but I like with better. Somehow I think I look like 16 with those no-make-up -lips.
(You wish, miss Adora!)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Monday Goth

Still lazy and haven't colored my roots I had to put on a wig today.
I almost didn't recognized myself!

Perhaps this is the evil me?
Nah, I'm the evil me ;)

Heh, went a bit overboard with the pictures today... same, same and no different - but I thought it was so funny looking like this so you just have to cope with my narcissism.

Yohio and Adora BatBrat kissed...

Okay, I'm not the kind of girl who kiss and tell...I kind of more bite and kill.

Or bite and tell....or...kiss and kill? I'm not sure anymore ;)

But one thing is sure; the Yohio on my pictures have snuggled and kissed me A LOT! He is the best!
And he is all mine <3 p="">
Adora BatBrat kissed Yohio /TeeBee ;)

TeeBee/ Yohio snuggles Adora BatBrat every day and says she is SO pretty 
The original Yohio. 17 years old artist from Sweden. I like him - like a son...