Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Todays sweet comment

I just found this sweet comment under one of my youtube-videos:

"It's so not fair that one person can be so pretty. Share some with everyone else ya bitch! :P"

This was just too adorable <3 Thank's

Monday, November 29, 2010

Miranda X styling

Here is the artist Miranda X that I helped with the make up and styling for her first music video this weekend. She is only 16 and already so fantastic.
Here she is when I just did her make up, and bit of the hair.
This is a picture of her from before the styling
Here in the wonderful castle, Bäckaskog castle
This is during the shot. Everything but the bra is my clothes.
Then another look

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why trains leave so early..?

I'm getting up at 03.45 tomorrow morning to get on a train at 05.38 to Kristianstad.
I will do make up/hair and wardrobe on a music video for a 16 year old girl called Miranda X.
She's got a killer voice (but they have trashed the voice on the song Hollywood with some robot stuff), and already she's got a song playing on the radio. It's not my kind of music, but at least it's more of an electronica sound.
Her "natural" voice is fantastic and I'm not a big fan of those digital/robot things they put over it. I think it reduces her. But - according to producers, this is what people want. And I don't know their type of music so they are probably right. But personally I love her natural voice much better.

I haven't been given a straight story line so it's a bit difficult, but I think I have it covered :)
I will pack lots of fake hair, clothes, shoes and make up soon.
Worst is I'm a bit sick and should probably spend 3 days in bed instead...
Here's another video I helped out with:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pictures of a goth mum

These old pictures are a bit too cute to just be for my eyes.
I'm so proud of being a goth mum :)
Here I am in our old flat with Synthia
 Here with Fairlight in our black plastic sledge
and here being stripy with baby TeeBee

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I smell - HELP me!

My 3 favourite perfumes have over time been the same 3...
  • Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (when to impress boys)
  • Tribù by Benetton (when to impress girls)
  • Woman by Hugo Boss (on every other occation)
  • As deo spray I love Cat Deluxe by Naomi Cambell
Since my last pregancy I devloped a swelling in my nose that didn't go away as it's supposed to do after a while. This causes me to not being able to sence different smells so good. I did an operation to fix it, but it didn't succeed.. And NO - I didn't do a nose job as in plastic surgery! Oh, you are so going to compare old and new pictures of me now! I'm very sad I can't smell (and taste) the same like I used to do, I had a real gourmé nose. But I'm thinking of re-doing the surgery.

This also makes me not to dare to buy a new perfume!! I only play the safe cards I had since before the pregnancy since I can't trust my nose theese days. I have no idea on what perfumes smells modern and what smells like an old lady.
I'm thinking perhaps I'd give the Cat Deluxe perfume a go?
Any other tips now when you know what smells I like?


We also met a few of Porsches babies when we visited I-L. Here is boy Pirri Pirri and girl Chayenne (?).

My pretty boys

They are so handsome together, Porsche and Prince Vinyl <3
Porsche doesn't quite understand he's the size of a small calf and think he is like a kitten in size, so poor Princen is being totally squished by him. But they are so sweet together.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Picture of my Porsche

Here's the first shot of me and Porsche.
I'm so sorry to have tricked you, but Porsche is a wonderful, seal masked siamese. He and Signhild was actually friends when Porsche was a kitten. And I met him when he was 1 year, that was when we got Signhild from the same breeder. "I-L" got so sad when I called her and said Signhild was about to be put to sleep that she offered me another cat for free - that's how Porsche ended up at my flat.
He befriended Prince Vinyl in 24 hours and they are already kissing eachother like crazy - so sweet!
He's a real darling..

Here's Signhild with Porsche as a kitten.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Porsche is home!

I brought my Porsche home today :) It was a long and tiredsome ride I'd tell you. But what don't you do for a free Porsche - and it's the nicest Porsche I've ever seen!
I'm in LOVE <3

Friday, November 19, 2010

Homework done

I completed my homework! Nails with painted crosses. I even made a hill for the cross on the middle finger :)
(and yes, the heart is a tattoo)

Heart blouse in white

Just made a look-at copy of the Adorable Heart blouse for the seamstresses to look at to understand how I'm thinking. It will of course be in black later. Here's a sneak-peak
The sewing is NO good, that's why I have professionals doing it ;) This is more of a sketch...

Nice hobby!

A girl found this gif. someone made of me on the web.
This is what some people do on their spare time...
I love all peoples hobbies that involves me and being creative :)
This is fun!

Now I can eat humans!

Like most goths I've always fantasized about eating human flesh ;)
And now perhaps I can! Well, this is a step on the way at least.
I must learn this skill!
Imagine being on the train and pull out a foot, carve it in half, add some brie and nice ham to it and start to eat. People would faint all over the place. I'd really like that! (and if they are fainted I can eat them *hahaha*)
(you know I'm joking right? Or am I.....)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spider hairclip

I'm no super fan of spiders - living ones, but my goth mind is intrigued by them so when ever I can find cool spiders to use as decorations on me I buy them. So far I only have super-glitter spiders.
I really suck at being a cool been-there-done-that kind of goth, I'm just too perky and get easily distracted by shiny things... This makes me feel embarassed, but I try to act like I'm cool anyway, and hopefully noone will see through my un-coolness. I just can't shake that glitz mind of mine. I'm like a raven! Collecting shiny objects..

But today I stumbled over this fantastic hairclip! It appeals to me big time. It's from Beserk clothing, Australia, for $8.90AUD. It's 2 1/2" by 2" in size. Much classier than those plastic ones I put in my hair..
This will make it to my Christmas list this year, Santa. Okay?

I'm letting my brain work

Yesterday I got the pattern for the Adorable Heart blouse delivered by D. It looks smashing - but so difficult! Normally I wouldn't mind, since I'm not doing the sewing - but now my seamstresses want's a copy of the blouse made with the real pattern so I have to make one! Help!
Also I will make a description of how's it made. I have 3 hours to do it...
Cut, cut, sew, sew, untack, untack, sew, sew....
This is made after the old pattern

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 days -12 409 viewers!

I'm totally chocked, but 12 409 lovely people have already watched my new video on youtube.com - in only 2 days! And the cute thing is that almost everyone have shared their stories about their pets lost. I really get comfort in their stories. I read them all! There are lots of sweet people out there <3

Nail me

Looking down on my AWFUL, AWFUL haggardly purple nailpolish I tell myself I need to shape up!
Before the kids I re-painted my nails every third day, always looking good. But now? Oh, holy mother, I'm embarassed! I paint them at the most once a week. And I do have the 45 second-to-dry polish..so I can't put the blame on the time.
"-No, sorry, my day is over now. 45 seconds is something I don't have."

But this week Bàrbara Valls Garcia send me a tip on this cool device. I feel like I've lived under a rock for not knowing - I guess everyone is doing this but me!(?)

Now I must go out and find me this fantastic device so I can have the coolest bad-ass nails there is!
And to think I have just hand painted my hearts and crosses before. Mo-ha ha ha, the world is at my feet now! I will be a God as soon as I can get my hands on that thing ;)
Here's some inspiration:
and to get a good laugh. I adore theese little monsters - so inventive!
Can we all make a deal - and paint nice crosses until Friday? That will kick my ass out of the waggon!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting my Porsche on Saturday

This is just crazy, but I've been offered a Porsche. I will get it at Saturday if the weather is fine - it's a long drive. I can't wait to hear it's motor purrrrr.
Whiioooo :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

All yesterdays partys

This Friday I went to Club Bluescreen to see my sisters boyfriends band - D-ToX play. They were great! They sure was my favorite band of the evening - both easy on the ears as well as easy on the eyes :)
Doing my hair at Wallan's house
Getting arrested by the Wallan-police as I hug Pelle from band Avant Garde
Even got my "secret" husband on a picture. I think he is so pretty <3
My pretty sister Jenny was there too

and Mårten + gf
and friend Stefan
 Watching sisters bf's band D-ToX play
Here's their video by the way. Enjoy!

Getting my hair pretty

I should really need to bleach my hair right now - but it kills the hair to do it too often, and my hair can't take it. I always tries to wait as long as I can. When the outgrowth is getting too long I hide it wearing a small coif, big bows or else. Right now I think I will hang on until Lucia or something, so I look nice during Christmas and New Years Eve at least.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Strange pick up lines I've got

Two of the favourites are:
"I whish I was the water in your shower caressing your body"
"Your clothes look fantastic....on my floor tonight..."

Yeah, I know we have all heard them before, but I still think it's cute to get them, when it's genuine :)
Thank's boys <3

But - HEY - It's Friday if anyone missed it!
I feel like crazy every Friday! No, it's not my current look, but it sure looks crazy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm having hair-panic, as usual.
I love my hair long and flat, I think it looks a bit more "model" and proper on me.
But at the same time - big hair is always so cool and makes me look more like a cartoon (like I want to look like). What people don't understand is that when you have long hair back-combing takes FOREVER straitening out! That's why I don't do it that often. It huuuuuurts! But dreads is an easy way to be fluffy and not having the pain.
These pictures are from 2003.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you all

I'd like to thank everyone for their beautiful posts about Signhild, and I got so sad for all of you who had lost a cherished animal too. This i s one reason I always try to be nice to people, even the evil ones; because I don't know their pains.

I love all animals, but cats have always been my favourite.
Signhild was really my dream cat come through if you only count the looks. I am very particular with looks (Adora - you really thought someone missed that?) and the second I saw her I was in heaven. And she got even more gorgeous when you got to know her personality. She was the best lap warmer ever :)

But I still have Prince Vinyl to cuddle <3 He's no lap cat, but he looooves being cuddled forever and ever.
His mum was a siamese and his dad a Birman. You can't really tell by this picture but he's got very good ear placement. He came second on the one and only CatShow he was in, as the second best domestic cat.

Signhild has been put to sleep

I miss you so much it hurts.
Monday morning 8'th of November at 08.45 Signhild stopped living in this world.

I had the luck to say goodbye to her the whole weekend, and to really cuddle her. Sunday night I sat with her for an hour just talking to, cuddle her and to play with her. She was so happy, and she played go-fetch with me for 20 minutes. She was almost like a kitten re-born. But I could still see in her eyes she wasn't. She looked so tired... She was only 7 years old, and we had only had her for 2½ years.

Monday morning my kids said goodbye by caressing her and kissing her before they left for school/daycare. Signhild was very pleased by the attention, and I think she knew it was the last good bye.

When I got back I gave her smoked salmon and ham. Things she couldn't eat before because of her kidney disease (she could only eat special food and had medication every day). It was so nice seeing her so exited again. I filmed her a bit to be able to see her again. I have already watched that movie over and over...

After some kissing and more cuddling it was time to go to the veterinary station.
Signhild was acting like normal; jumping around being curious, and cuddled the nurse and doctor.
I decided I wanted to hold her the way she liked to be carried around; hanging over my shoulder. So they gave her the shot and I think her heart stopped within 3 beats.
She went so fast I almost wasn't ready. But when are you ready for something like this...? It's good for the animals, they don't have time to be distressed, but for me it was awful. My tears running like the Niagara-falls...
Before I left I made her look like she was just asleep, so I have a very nice last picture of her in my mind. She almost looked like a kitten laying there.

I feel so empty, and I wonder if it will ever stop.
This is why people are so reluctant to love, it hurts like hell to loose the love.

Signhild, I love you so much. Our 2½ years together was not enough - I'm not ready to have lost you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

3 days left for Signhild to live...

On Valentines Day 2008 we lost our lilac tortie pointed siamese Fefferonia Felicia to cancer, she was only 9 years old.
Our other cat, Prince Vinyl, was so sad to have lost his soul mate, so I looked to find some older cat who needed replacement, and so I found lovely Signhild; a 3 times Champion and a breeders cat, but now, as a 5 year old she was retired and was happy to move in with us.

We have only had her for 2½ years, and that is not long enough!!! I love her so much. She's always where I am, and jumping up in my lap as soon as I sit down, she loves to hang over my shoulder as I walk around in the flat and always so happy. And she also can "go-fetch" (like most siamese cats).

Since about a 1½ she has been suffering from small and pale kidneys, it gives the same symptoms at renal failure. She was very close to death just 6 months ago, but although she still had the worst values on the kindneys she pulled through. Even the vetetinary was sure she wouldn't. She's been on a special diet and daily medication since then.
2 weeks ago she got worse so she had to do penicillin for 10 days. She was ok for a few days, but then she was sick again. Yesterday I thought she needed a new blood test, and it showed she was in a very bad state.
She got a death sentence.
The veterinary wanted to put her to sleep then and there. But I asked if she could make the weekend without feeling pain so my husband too can say good bye, otherwise I would let her pass away at once, and my veterinary said it would be okay, and they even were kind enough to give me a private number I could call if she took a turn for the worse.
They gave her water under the skin to make sure she's not dehydrated during the weekend.

Monday morning at 08:30 I will take her to the veterinary station for the last time. I'm so sad. I treasure every second with her and feel so happy I have the weekend to say goodbye, and to spoil her with things she have not been able to eat for a very long time because of her very strict diet.

Signhild I love you. Thank you so much for loving me back. You will be very missed.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm so unbelievable sad

My wonderful, perfect, beautiful, 3 times a Champion, seal masked siamese cat took a bloodtest today. It's no good and I just can't stop crying. I just can't bare to tell more right now, but I'm so, so sad...
Last December

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This night 4 years ago TeeBee was born

At 01.10 I was getting into labour, and 01.50 he entered our lives <3
I'm fast at giving birth...

Well, the water broke as soon as I got up this morning (4 years ago), and since he had not fixated his head (as they should the last weeks) it's a danger the umbilical cord can be jammed and that's not good, so I had to get to the hospital asap.
I didn't want to give birth the 2'nd of November, I had my sight on the 3'rd since it's my dead grandmothers birthday (and Fairlight is born on my grandfathers birthday) so I tried hard to keep him in ;)
This is me taking the CTG (checking the babys heart-beat)
In the fantastic stylish non-gothic robe they gave me. I look like a BLIMP!

TeeBee is born!
Daddy is proud....and tired
Meeting his sisters for the first time
Going home (3 days later)
Wow, this was just a fantastic day 4 years ago!
We thought he was another girl (statistics says if you have already 2 in one sex, there is an 80% chance to get the same sex again) so you can imagine our surprise and happy shouts from me since I so wanted a boy this time! Got it all in the video :)

He had his umbilical cord around his neck and wasn't breathing when he entered the world. I was supposed to cut it this time - but the accoucheuse just cut it and ran away with him to the emergency room :(
But at least I got to cut it a bit shorter when he got back. It might sound disgusting but it was a proud moment in my life. I have a picture of it, but I will spare you the sight....

Happy Birthday TeeBee Valentin Charles Emil Wimmerstedt!