Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today's make up

Uhuhh, time wanted to go faster today. Why is it always so? You have lots of time - but then all of a sudden you don't? And you stand there in your laced stockings and realize you have 6 minutes to do your make up and 1 minute to put the rest of your clothes on...

This is what happened today.

Priority is always foundation and powder for me, so quickly on with Boots no 7 (an anti wrinkle serum) and then on with the Kryolan TV white 2 foundation using a foundation brush.
I swear to God that brush saves me like 6 minutes every morning! Get one!
IsAdora (well, IsaDora really but 9someone told me it should be IsAdora instead).
Rouge and the rouge as eyeshadow as well.
2 black lines at the end of each eye, and 2 dots for eyebrows. Mascara.
And a fast version of lipstick (like on one of my videos).
Dab some thin layer of vaseline on eyelids and under the eye, put some glitter on.
Puh - now you have a 6 minutes make up that looks like s 12 minute one ;)