Monday, February 28, 2011


One of my more secret vampire skills is to make aprons.
Since I'm often in the kitchen slaughtering some freshly hunted meat I go through lots of aprons every week. This may perhaps be a bit wierd, but I like to make them out of towels (new ones).
My grandma used to make me aprons like this:

and I just loved the style ever since.
I just take a towel (sometimes I cut out parts for the ribbon), fold it to crinkles, sew it to a thick ribbon and then add some lace or bows where needed. They turn out so cute! Sometimes I even do some screenprints on.
Here's a few inspirations I found online:
I've bought me some real 50's aprons at auctions just because I like the feeling. I'm such a house wife in my heart. And I love it!
Since I always (almost) wear short skirts I need to have short aprons, and towel apron's the best for that :)
I'm a member in a 18'th society club and during parts of the 18'th century apron was worn by both the plebs and the high society. But for the high society it was more of a fashion item, and often made of sheer materials.


My first pregnancy made my belly button pop out *ugh*
My natural hair color showing. As you can see, an ordinary brown color. Here with my (now deseased)purple tortie point siamese Fefferonia Felicia.
It resulted in a navel hernia. But they couldn't perform surgery on it until my bith giving days were over, so I had to wait until we decided we had enough kids :)

I trained hard to get a nice tummy before the surgery and brought big "before pictures" of my navel to the doctor.
Usually this small hernia is performed with a Laparoscopic surgery, but NO, I got the butcher from the local slaughter house to carve my insides out.
It just pissed with blood after! And the pain!
After a few weeks I could remove the patch and you can just imagine my shock since I didn't know he made such a long scar. I think I cried for a day when seeing this pig snout staring back at me. And I who even told him to be extra careful since I'm a model :(

Aaany who; since then I've had problems with it. Don't know what it is, but everytime I wear something fitted over it I get horrible pain after a few hours. It's like someone pushes a needle into my navel. You can just imagine my pain when wearing a corset all day at the M'era Luna festival...
Even when I do situps, so I haven't done any for some time now my back problems are back (I need to do situps because of a bad back).
It's a catch 22.

But a couple of weeks ago I went to a new doctor because I can't live like this - I need to be able to wear corsets! And now he called and said he'd try to open me again and cut a bit. It might or might not work, but I'm willing to give it a try! He said it's because I don't have any fat around my navel. Haha, so I can either fatten up or do a new surgery?

Question time

Anonymous said...
You are one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen:)Keep doing your own thing! Some questions: What products do you use to keep your skin so smooth? How do you think you will dress up over 20 years? Do you plan on getting more children? Who is your rolemodel? What college did you go to? What is your favorite color? Kisses from Jay.

Ohh, thank's :)
  1. I have all my products listed at my homepage...but it's been hacked lately and is about to be fixed.
    But to maintain a nice skin over the years you of course need to be thorough and also clean it good.
    For night: a cheap cleansing milk, Nivea face wash, then L'Oreal cleansing tonic. Protect & Perfect no 7 and then a fat night cream from the Pharmacy (is to be used for kids bottoms).
    Morning: Nivea face wash and then make up.
  2. I'm guessing a bit better then today- and hopefully more of my own designs! But I've been wearing the same short skirts and puffed blouses since 1984 so I have no hope of ever changing..
  3. No. 3 kids is perfect! But IF TeeBee had turned out to be a girl as well I would have kept it opened because I really wanted a boy. But now I've got my 2 princesses and my prince so I'm all settled.
  4. I've never had a rolemodel but the 80's was full with beautiful people to look at, but as I grew up I was fascinated by the looks of Boy George, Cindy Lauper, Nina Hagen, Annie Lennox and Cicciolina. Their old pictures still inspires me.

    5.     After the "ordinary" school I went to two different art-schools. Then I've studied business economy and a whole lot more random stuff.
    6.    Pink!!!!! I LOVE pink and if I didn't wear black all the time I sure would look like a Barbie pig <3