Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Webshop almost there...

It feels like this web shop thingy have been going on forever!
It was supposed to be released today but I will have to check over a few more things tomorrow before I set it free.
The worst part is that my Adorable Heart blouse that was supposed to be my signature item is not ready yet.
I could NEVER have anticipated it would be so difficult to find the fabric I need.
Ok, so Sweden is a small country, but I still thought most things could be ordered via swedish wholesalers but I was bitten in my ass by that one.
Not the original blouse, just a first copy.
But, no time to be sad and moping. I just have to put my blouse and collars up later.
It just feels a bit boring to release the shop with nothing more than a few stockings and some make up in it...
But at least the pictures looks good :)
The make up I have put on the shop is ONLY the make up I use myself. Hopefully I will be able to add some more of the brands I use later. So far I only carry Kryolan.