Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm leaving the country!

Tomorrow me and my GORGEOUS sister Jenni  will go by train, train, speak another language, and then train to a flight, go down, fly some more, speak another language, go by bus then by train, then by foot, then enter a hotel, then go to sleep.

I've been asked to do this trip before, but I always turned it down, but this time I asked if I could bring my pretty sister and they were super happy to have us both!
Two pretty faces are always better than one.
We are going to be models for the X-tra-x catalogue. For those who do no know: X-tra-x is the biggest goth store in Germany (to my knowledge) and also have a great online shop.
They used to have very cool girls and boys in their big catalogue that one could drool over.
This will be fun!

Old picture of the day

I just stumbled on this picture from December 2003.
I was 4 months pregnant with our first child, Synthia, at the time <3
I just can't believe how young I looked back then!
Kids really makes you age! But mostly there are happy wrinkles :)