Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Synthia was with a friend and her mum to the beach today, and then her friend followed her home on a play-date :)
Panic! What to do to keep the 4 kids happy and not eating me (mine are aspiring vampires, you know...).

Yeah, I pulled out my safe card - cupcakes. The only thing that makes me somewhat human.
I don't think I've ever published the recipe I use most often? How horrible of me!
This is how the mini cupcakes looks fresh out of the oven. I would serve them with icing sugar on top or my usual frosting and sprinkles (next pic).
This is for a basic swedish muffins (as we call them)/cupcakes.

Muffins/Cupcakes 10 medium or 12 mini converter
oven: 200 degrees Celsius
Hot tips: divide the mixture in two and make 2 different kinds of flavours in one batch (think of me saying it in a peppy Martha Stewart way).

62 g butter, room tempered
1 dl sugar (you can cut down to 0,75 dl)
1 egg
½ teaspoon vanilla sugar
2,25 dl wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking-powder
0,75 dl milk
+ flavour
  • zest of ½ a lemon or ½ orange
  • fruit, berries
  • 1 teaspoon extra of vanilla
  • spice: cinnamon, caraway
  • chocolate...
I like to use lemon and straw-/raspberries together.

Beat the butter and sugar senseless until fluffy. Add all other ingredients. Blend it all together with taste of choice. Pour into 24 small cupcake forms or 10 medium sized and put in middle of the oven. Small 6-10 minutes, medium 10-15 minutes.
Wait for a few minutes and then pour icing sugar on top, or let them cool if you're to have frosting on top (for this I recommed baking them one day in advance).

While they are in the oven you have time enough to make the frosting.

And NO - they are not for you if you are a Phase 1 in the Montignac Method ;/ *sorry* but Phase 2'ers can enjoy one 3 hours after the last meal - or you serve them to fatten up your friends to make yourself look thinner *mo-ha-ha-haaa*

Montignac Method - fruit in advance

Just gotta love that still picture. *hahaha*
So this is what I would look like if I got a stroke?

On my balcony having my pre-breakfast fruit, just as Mr Montignac ordered.

I do this before EVERY single meal. My fruit of choice is Fuji apples.
I recommend apple, pear, orange and berries to kickstart your gorgeous self.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old picture of the day

What memories! Late 90's I believe.
Me and my pretty protégé Emanuel (I called him "Janet").
Oh, how I loved hanging with him, the best shopping partner and make up friend a girl could ever have. He saved my husband many boring shopping sprees ;)
He was one of the top 10 prettiest boys ever created (and I created him ;) )...even though he's not wearing make up anymore he still looks fine, but when he did he was flawless. No, he's not gay, no, he's not single either *sorry*
Thank's for the happy memories, Janet <3
I'll see if I have more pics of him...this was unfortunately before the digital era so everything is on paper copys... This picture is from his early days, he got soooo much better at doing make up.
Made mummy proud!
Here's an extra.

Afraid of cows?

Never in my life have I been afraid of cows, but when I read of the cow Chilli:

"Chilli the giant bullock stands at 6ft 6ins and weighs well over a ton.
Despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional swede as a treat."
Wtf?! He eat swedes?! Now that's one scary cow!

And further more - are there available swedes to eat? Where?!
(and yes I know it's also the name of a turnip)

Swedish Midsummer

The Swedish Midsummer's Eve is one of our big traditions, just as big as Christmas.
Most people celebrate the same way, with very few exceptions.

This is how we celebrated this year:
Meet up with good friends and theirs and ours kids at a summer house.
Start by eating a traditional Midsummer lunch:

  • different kinds of pickled herring
  • soused herring
  • boiled eggs
  • radish
  • small early potatoes with their skin on, boiled with lots of dill
  • sour cream with cut chives in it
  • raw spiced/cold-smoked salmon
  • fennel/anise spiced schnapps
Before every schnapps we sing a happy schnapps-song from a home made song book. In our case we always starts of by singing the Swedish anthem to bless the food, then it's down hill with songs from the gutter ;)
(many eat hot dishes like Janson's temptation, meatballs, prince sausages, mushroom omelette too. We always saves that for the next day).

After lunch it's time for stawberries with lightly whipped cream (and in my case - a ton of sugar. I find them so sour!).

Then we're off to dance around the Midsummer's pole/Maypole together with about 200-300 other Midsummer celebrating people of that area.
The pole is decorated with birch leaves and flowers and represents a HUGE penis to fertilize the soil in order to get a good crop. It's from the old days.
Then back to the summer house where we eat strawberry cake and drink coffee.
After it's crisps and candy time, and later we have barbecued meat served with potatoe salad.
I always force my <3 to have daisies in the hair on Midsummers Eve
Sometimes we have a quiz-walk or some other competition or game planned before lunch.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Midsummer 2011

Fairlight and I'm dancing around the Maypole <3

Redecorating my kitchen

The kitchen area where I prepare all my slaughtered people I've "found" outside cute little cupcakes and pies is in need of some storing.
We never eat in the kitchen (dear God, we are not savages!) so we're gonna make it a kind of kitchen bench.
We used 3 frames from a wall kitchen top cabinets size 40x40x70 (IKEA) and put on high gloss white doors on two of them. The one in the corner will remain open and turned to the side. Between the frames we have a slide rail (right now we just tried it out with 2 towels).
On top we have bought a vintage wooden lamina to put on. We just have to take it to the lumber-yard to get it cut in size. And that might take a week..
Halfway though
I think it will be very nice once it's done. The best thing of it all is I can now fit my kitchen aid inside the cabinet. Redecorating is so FUN! And the bench itself will be long enough to have a dead, full grown human on it...just saying...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bake: Rhubarb crumble pie

My husband scored some rhubarbs from someone at work.

The best thing about rhubarb pie is that it's just so goth.
Is harsh, stern, bitter as well as wonderful and pretty.
The worst thing about rhurbarbs is that it needs a ton of sugar before it's perfect (quite similar to me and a ton of make up). And since I prefer to eat according to Montignac this must be the least best thing for me to eat.
But I will suffer for rhurbarb crumble pie anyday. I like to suffer that way. Suffering is part of being goth, and this is the weapon of my choice.
Crumble pie 6-8 guests converter
For best taste; serve lukewarm. Let pie cool for about 15-20 minutes at room temperature.

fruit of choice (preferably something you don't need to add sugar too)

112 gram butter, room temperature
3 dl wheat flour
2-3 table spoons of sugar
(a dash of cinnamon)

Put the chopped and well stabbed fruits in a cute little pre-buttered pie tin.
Mix all other ingredients until you have nice crumbles (the more you work it the bigger the crumbles). Bury the fruit with the crumbles. Put in a 200 degree Celsius hot oven for approx. 15-20 minutes.
Let set for 15-20 minutes at room temperature before serving.
Add some icing sugar on top (I forgot).

Serve with lightly whipped cream (whip 2 dl cream with 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar).

Now you have got yourself a typhical swedish crumble pie.
I use this recipe mostly for apple pie, but it works with anything. Best thing is that it is really good and doesn't contain that much sugar. To make it even more Montignac you can use sifted rye-flour instead of wheat flour. It gives the pie a bit more nut-ish flavour.

Old picture of the day

Yesterdays Midsummer party was super! We had such a warm weather with a sun that almost fried the skin of my body.
I'll put up pictures tomorrow :) But for now I found this old picture of me from 2006.
I liked the make up a lot. Think I will do that again some day.
I really like it when the twins says hello!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Midsummer tomorrow

Tomorrow I will celebrate Midsummer together with my good friends and a whole lot of kids :)
There will be no M'era Luna-partying for me...just 1schnapps with the herring and water rest of the day.
I'm mostly looking foward to meet with the people and and laugh and have a good time, as well as eating classical swedish Midsummer food.

Here's a few shots of last years Midsummer.
The kids wouldn't join in the big group of dancers so we made our own little dance group. Here we are singing and dancing to
"Vi äro musikanter"

 On our way back to the summer house we spotted this wonderful goth calf! He's got his best goth make up on! He's just perfect with white foundation and black around his eyes and black lips. Coolest cow ever!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bought a new crown

The sweetest thing ever!
Today daycare celebrated Midsummer with all of the kids.
Usually our kids are all white on that occation, but I found the sweetest Swedish dress that Fairlight more than happily wanted to put on. It's is a simplified version of our common Swedish dress worn by the Swedish princess and Queen for example.
TeeBee and Fairlight getting ready for Midsummer at daycare
 Synthia took this picture of us together <3 What a talented photographer!
 On my way home I bought this cute crown with green stones.
 I had to put it on immediately! It was supercute <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Modelling X-tra-x

I just checked the X-tra-x catalogue online since I've been told it's now out - and see - there I was! I found myself on page 55 and 127 so far. Cool!! And - phuu - I think I did a good job :) My pretty sister  Jenni looks cute as always.
I can't wait to get my hands on that physical catalogue!
I really, really liked these stockings!
I can really recommend the corset I wear (picture in middle). It was easy to wear AND you could lace it in quite tight even though it might look just like a linnen. My favorite of all clothes.
And might I add once more how I loved too model for X-tra-x (no, I'm not payed to say this). Everyone was just so incredible sweet to us and the thing itself; just being in a room filled with all black clothes to try on, a BIIIIG rack of shoes, accessoires and other cool stuff to use as you please - isn't that kind of every goth girls kind of heaven? For me it was. It was SO funny :D

Monday, June 20, 2011

Modelling Marita Näsman

The secret shoot I did some time ago is now being released!
It's for the hairdresser and company owner of Marita's Studio; Maria Näsman, and the shot is done by the AMAZING photographer Henrik Pilerud who's also done many videos, amongst others 2 for the electro band Elegant Machinery where I have small cameos :)

The ravishing skirt and collar + cuffs are made by Thistel (from band Mergel Kratzer). Marita made the hair.


I've just ordered these glasses.
When summer comes it's so nice to be out strolling and hunting for humans, but since it's hot outside the blood flows faster from their bodys then in the winter time so I need bigger glasses to protect me from getting blood in my eyes that clouds my vision. And I figured these would be perfect.
And of course they can be used on the head to hide a growth too. Stylish AND practical :)

If the quality is good (=don't leak, and looks nice) I'm thinking of having them in my webshop.
I have been working the whole weekend on it and so far I think it will soon be opened for business. But for now I only have a couple of stockings....not much business there. The lashes and make up will be added the next 2 weeks, and the Adorable Heart blouse seems never to be ready...
It's been VERY big trouble finding the materials I want ;/ But it's within the horizon.

Now it's time to brush the fangs to keep them in shape for Midsummer!

Todays outfit

Sweden is at it's prime with a perfect sun almost every day. It's wonderful and I feel like a black dressed Julie Andrews when I'm outside....
..but with sunblock 50+ from Vichy and a big umbrella and singing "Kill, kill, kill, because I can...." instead of "Listen to the Sound of Music..."

I have spanish heritage, I'm a 1/8 of a Spanish and I get tanned sooo easy. Not red like most swedes, but brown at once - isn't that just typhical! Many people would kill for that, and I have the worst trouble every summer to stay looking half dead.

I forgot my gloves ONE DAY when I went to daycare and back (a super short trip of about 3-4 minutes each way) and already my hands are browner then the rest of me!
Never, ever not to wear gloves again! It looks so stupid now.

Hat, blouse: H&M, stockings: Shock, skirt: (altered) Lindex, short petticoat: online pornshop, shoes: Demonia, gloves: Camden market, London, belt: from another shirt
I love my pearl bracelets (I mix real as well as fake). My grandma always used pearls so I really love it since it makes me think of her <3 My grandpa even gave me her two long pearl necklaces she always wore since he knew how much I loved them. And he was so right - it is still the best gift ever given to me.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cupcakes and Mandrake the Magician

Yesterday when I delivered cupcakes for Synthia's schoolmates she couldn't join beacuse of the chicken pox, so I forced (I like using that word) her to decorate one of her own just so she wouldn't be sad about missing the 10 o'clock break at school.

The ugly pink with hearts is mine, pink flower is the one creative Synthia did and blue flower was made by creative TeeBee. I need to think more like a child - their's much prettier!
I'm a BIG fan of Mandrake, and I usually think in serie strip ways, like:
Synthia is decorating her cupcakes looking happy, but what you can't see is me hypnotizing her dressed up like a marshal telling her she is happy.
Just like when Mandrake hypnotized the criminals so it appeared like he magically got their guns in his hand, but then there will be this strip saying "This is what really happened:" and you get to see him hypnotize the bad guys, walking up to them, taking their guns, get back to where he stood before, and snapped his fingers making them believe it just re-appered in his hands. Magnificent!
And yes, I was in love with Mandrake.

Shopping spree!

I've been running free today! I had an amazing shopping spree!
Well, not so much shopping as spree'ing.
My best shopping is SALE SALE SALE! I love buying cheap! And today I grabbed a cute cream white layered tulle skirt for the girls and a white shirt with short sleeves for TeeBee. I want to make skull prints on it, I think he'd be glad.
And WHAT about me - I should have something small too *pouting my lower lip, winking my lashes*
I found the most magnificent hair clips in my favorite faded pink color (kids department H&M)
I really, REALLY love this old pink color, the only thing I hate about it is that it will look horrible when I change my hair back to pink again
;(  I mostly wear red hair-stuff when I have pink...
But I won't change back just yet *sorry*.. I usually have a 1 year limit for my hair colors. But this flourescent green will change to a more "Adora-green" after M'era Luna in August. And no to be unfaithful to this crazy green, because I DO like it for being so funny and crazy, but I think it's a too "sharp" color for me. It's not the pastel, faded colors I'm used to, so I will try to make it a more "me" green.
Only hope it won't look like I've used to be blond and showered in water with too much iron in it...
And not to have any confusion here...the color after green will not be pink. I will have another inbetween :) Whihoo, can't wait!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Todays outfit

I felt so lovely today so I just spread the love all over myself! A bit downer I couldn't find my heart hair clips and jewellry in the morning, but at least I found one red heart to wear. I looked very casual today - I felt like I was on my way to a work out..

Sweat jacket, altered shorts and stockings from H&M, Demonia shoes, gold crown from toystore, Jack Skellington hair clip

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Todays outfit

Today I went for my blouse with small white dots in sort of 20's cut and collar (from H&M ages ago), a skirt with white flocked hearts from Camden markets, London, stockings H&M and flip flops from Demonia.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shoe search

I'm about to buy me some new shoes.
My wet dream is to get my feets into these beauties:

I have searched for them for a VERY long time, but only similar shoes turns up.
Some help anybody?
I want the exact same: 7 eyelets, made of PU and with those special fastening straps.

But in the meantime I've ordered these from China:
I need me a new pair of shoes since my Demonia Trashvilles broke in the zipper, and they are my day to day shoes for all autumns and winters when running back and forward to daycare. But I think the new ones will do the job :)

Here I am in my beloved Trashvilles at the M'era Luna festival 2008 in Hildesheim, Germany. AND as a coincidence - today is exactly 2 months to the day left!
I have the exact same Trashvilles with buckles as well. Soooo comfortable.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Make up crisis!

I'm such a klutz! I broke my blusher! My everyday blusher!
Now I have to survive on the crumbles for 3 weeks...
Every single picture of me from the last 8-10 years is by this color (if I don't wear purple or blue etc.)
Boohoooo...I'm totally heartbroken.
On all following pictures I have Make Up Store's blusher Chic
For many, maaany years I've bought the same blusher when ever in a town that carries Make Up Store (this makes it sound like I live in the far jungle).
I use the color Chic by Make Up Store.
Not many people like to wear as much blush as I do, I'm definately an overdoser when it comes to that.
I love wearing blush since I think it makes me look like a mix between 18'th century people, a doll and a girl in heat ;)
A hot tips for blush is; when you paint it on, make it about 1/3-1/2 more then how you want the result.
Because when you paint on the blusher you agitates the skin underneath and that makes it blush naturally causing it to look as you had enough, but after 10-30 minutes you will hardly notice you painted any on (well, unless you're an overdoser like me).