Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess I'm awake now, after yesterdays fabulous concert with Leather Strip! It was so good!

The only bad thing was that the guests didn't try hard enough with their looks. Well, there was no butt ugliness, still some stylish boys wearing the classic black shirt with tie; some red, some white, some striped in And One colors, some black. That was nice indeed - BUT - I'd like some more impressing hairdo's and MORE make up on the boys. Only a handful had found their black eyepencil I'm sad to say.

The girls did much better; I saw lashes, dreads, corsets and cool footwear...but as you know I'm never fully happy until people go ALL the way and dares to try-to-hard! But there were some very cute girls there :*
I intended to tell them, but I didn't find the time as I was in some fashinating dialogues. But if you might read this - you were really pretty <3

I will post pictures later, but now I'm gonna shape up, put on a übercool make up (yeah, right - as if I can be THAT cool) and meet up with friend Jennifer to go over the exhibit I'm the project leader of. She is a glass artist who will have her work shown. She is one cool girl I tell you!

Here's me and Jennifer at Depeche Mode 2001.