Friday, March 19, 2010

My Exhibit:

The first draft to the poster (there will be 3 different) is out! And yes, it's me on the picture...but I had to add some butt and tits, butt and tits, butt and tits.
This picture was taken 2001 at a fantastic Karl Bartos (of Kraftwerk) concert in Malmoe, Sweden. Oh, I was so pretty then <3

Weekly style: Siobhan of Shakespears Sister

Who'd know that death is a drop dead gorgeaous goth girl! I love her dolly style with the corkscrew curls and her freaky ways <3

The BatBrat Company

So...tonight I had a very important meeting.
I've been on evening courses on how to start your own company, and tonight we could get our ideas tested in front of a "jury" to see if we needed to change anything, get feedback or get killed and put in a coffin and buried 10 feet down, then got stomped on and shoot two times in the heart. Fortunally for me the last thing didn't happen! But being goth, that would have been fine too ;)

All day I've tried to be a good student and write my project plan, but the kids was tossing balloons in my face, playing harmonica and making problems in general so I couldn't for 1 second concentrate on my presentation. Good start - not!

Ran to the meeting, let all the other people go first while I sat down in a corner trying to staighten out how to explain my idea. I was the last one in. Secret stuff secret stuff secret stuff secret stuff secret. Needless to say I walked home with a BIG smile on my face. Even made up a song. I will have a new meeting with 2 of the guys next week. I also had another business idea - and I'll have a meeting next week with the other person on that idea. 2010 IS ADORA BATBRAT's YEAR! Of cause I'll tell you the secret stuff soon, but I don't wanna jinx it! I thanked God/Goth as the good Christian I am. Whopeedoo <3