Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Someone made an Adora GIF.

Sometimes very strange things surface. Here's one my Italian friend Rossella found on Tumblr. Here.
It's a section from my Valentine's video I made. Haha, this gif. is funny!

Todays outfit

Monday starts with wearing my cute gold crown. It goes perfectly with my horrific green hair!
Perhaps I'll make this a princess week and wear different crowns every day...
I hated to wear green eyeshadow all day, it was not a good make up day for me today. I will do better tomorrow!

Goth Martha Stewart: Bloody Nightgown crafting

FINALLY I remembered to publish this video!
I hope it will come in handy for all this summers sleep overs ;)

For those interested you got quite a few sneak-peaks of our flat.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mothers Day

Today was Mothers Day here in Sweden.
We celebrated by visiting my husbands mom (and dad) for dinner.

As from Sunday a week ago first TeeBee, then Fairlight, then Synthia had a fever, so I have had no chance to figure out what I wanted for Mothers Day (yes, I'm a total bitch to buy presents for and changes everything if I had not specificly wished for it) so I got my husbands card to buy me something later. Suits me much better!

Fairlight got the chicken pox this Friday so she is now on medication 4 times/day since her cell toxins makes her less resistant to this sickness. Poor girl :(
(she suffers from the rare soft tissue rheumatism Juvenile Dermatomyositis, JDM)
Right now I'm just hoping for Fairlight's recovery and that TeeBee and Synthia won't get infected. Yeah, fat chance of that not happening! Chicken pox contaminates by a look of an eye! Crap! I'll be home with sick kids for weeks.
Congratulations on Mothers Day to me!
Bitter? Noooo......what gave me away?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Modelling X-tra-x

The first picture from our shoot for Germany goth store X-tra-x have been released :)
I don't know what's the deal with my boobs on the picture to the right! Perhaps someone played with Photoshop or I just had a VERY layed back pose. Perhaps I had a good boob day :)
We are just so greeeen! Bit funny :)
I just loved the corset I'm wearing at the background picture. Although it's a zipper in front you could still tighten it really hard by the laced back. And I'm not just saying that because I got payed to wear it....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it really true?! Finally?

I can barely think it...but after weeks and weeks trying to find the right laces for the ruffle on my Adorable Heart Blouse and the lace for the Victorian Collar I finally today made a deal with a company in China!
On pictures below not the designed garment in right fabric, but my own first homemade version of the blouse. The originals will be made by professional seamstresses.
I have been very specific with what kind of lace I want so it's been worth the extra effort since I'm tying to make my blouses a bit more goth "high fashion".
But to find the materials have been hell! Sweden's got no business for better chiffons and laces so I've had to search the entire world.
Only for the blouse there is materials from: Sweden, Turkey, Germany, England and finally China. Who'd know it would be so difficult to try making designed clothes?

Only one thing left which I haven't found: the black cotton crochet lace around the collar. I've found the exact copy in white.. If I'd found it in China they had been able to color it black for me (if I buy 1000 meters), but I have not found that exact design there :(
This is the original style:
but since it's nowhere to be found I'd have to use the best I can find right now, and I do think it will work:


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

With Fairlight to pre-school

Another of our clones are about to join the treadmill for some 14 years or more...
Today I followed the unaware little lamb Fairlight to the slaughter, called pre-school, to meet with her inmates.
Mummy did her best to blend in with the other parents.
Many people ask me what kind of reactions I meet at situations like this?

Well, I don't take any notice, and try just to act like the usual me...but I can almost guarantee I'm the talk of every other parents dinner table that night...
The kids are scared I'm coming for them and the parents are scared I'm gonna make super cute and delicious cupcakes to win their kids over to the dark side.
I now have at least 6 years making all the kids in Fairlights class like me so they wanna go my way, the goth way. I recruit them young :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

My German trip part 4

Friday 13’th of May

Never, ever travel on a Friday the 13’th!

We got up at 05. Got ready for breakfast at 6.30, left the hotel at 7.10 to jump on the first train 07.31. Our travel planner did a great job so we just followed directions and everything went smooth.….until we arrived to the flight.
At the security check I got a visitation of my body – niiiiice ;)
My sister was brought to a room where they did a TNT test on her shoes *hahaha*
Yeah, we do look like talibans…
The flight in Stuttgart was 30+ minutes late so we didn’t know if we’d make the transit in Zürich. I’m a Christian, and when ever I’m in trouble I use my connection with God to make Him help me. I simply asked Him to make sure we'd make the transit to get to Zürich. After my pray my stress level got down to normal since now it was nothing I could do anymore, it was in the hands of God.

As we landed we had 14 minutes to go to the new gate and to hope it wasn’t closed. And if the luggage was to make it no one knew, the stewardess gave us little hope. We ran and then we got to a security check. I just felt the time running out – but then we had to go on a special lane and the plane actually waited for us!
Thank you God!

Next panic: arriving at Copenhagen airport. 31 minutes to find the luggage deposit (if the luggage even made it), get it and then find our way to the right train.
We ran for 5 minutes just to get to the luggage rail (I have no idea what it is called - but you know what I mean). I thanked God that we made it and gave Him another tough task - to make sure we got our luggage AND made the train. I know that was asking for a lot. With 14 minutes left before the train left FINALLY our luggage showed. Wohooo! We ran like two fat chicks finding out there was free melted cheese ahead. Went around two corners, found an elevator that took us to the right rail - with still 13 minutes to go. Whoa - what a day!!!

But nah, the trouble wasn't over - Murphy's law. Long story short, the train broke down halfway home so we had to change trains, making me miss my transit so I got home to my family, who I longed for, 2 hours later.
But still happy story - I did get home, alive, with all my luggage.
Nedless to say: Thank God!

Now I'm not trying to make anyone a Christian - but I must say I'm amazed about the crazy luck we had!

Saturdays BBQ

After my facial (Exuviance treatment) I went to some friends for a barbeque.
Wanna be my dinner for tonight? The lamb smiles since he knows I'm more of a mooo and oink-person.
My God how cute he was.
Just wanted to fluff him and put him under my head.
 The black sheep of the family..and two lambs ;)
 It's fun with cute animals
 Hi, mummy lamb. See, she's got her eye on my hair...
And NOOO, I didn't have lamb chops for dinner, I had homemade hamburgers, mushrooms, mixed salad and spicy sausage for dinner. Neither contained lambs.
But on the news later there were reports of 3 sheeps being slaughtered brutally by something big with sharp teeth. They thought it was a wolf.....mo-ha ha haaaa!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

25 again!

Ahhh, I just got back from my facial. It was great! Expensive, but great.
Oh my, now I will look 25 for one more year. Worth every penny!
I'm so pleased with the result, although now I can't wear make up all day and have to stay clear of the sun. I just have to bring my best friend, Mr Umbrella, to todays barbecue and wear some big shades and I'm in the clear. Well, I cheated a bit - I have lipstick, rouge and itsy-bitsy eye makeup on.
I can tell you I am actually a real vampire (because you won't spill my beans), but I do these facials just to fool ordinary people that's why I don't seem to age. It gives good business to the klinik and I don't have to be chased from town with fire and pitchforks..

Today Synthia had a playdate with a friend from school, a very nice boy with very good social manners. He is so sweet and caring. They have been friends even since kindergarden. When Synthia was three years old I could find them sitting next to eachother and he was stroking her long hair - just like an old couple. So sweet <3
I of course had to make them cupcakes.
 The pink one is with raspberries and the turquoise is with lemon and vanilla. Here's my recipe for frosting

Friday, May 20, 2011

What a wonderful Friday

I just can't believe what a wonderful day it is here in Sweden! I just had to show it:

The supercute skeleton hair clips is a gift from my sweet sister <3
And what's todays big treat? Well, I promised the kids to make their own hamburgers. And when Synthia said that at school when I left her some kid in her class said to me:
"Uhm, with blood on them I guess, since you're a vampire."
That was a sweet thought, and it sounded good...perhaps his blood?
Nah, I'll be good today, the weather is to wonderful to do horrific deads so I will just eat rare fillet of beef and have some gorgonzola and broccoli with it. And since I'm resistant to garlic I'll add some pressed garlic on top om the meat. OH, how I love my meat!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make up of today

After I did this make up I saw it looked like the £ sign! Haha, didn't mean that to happen. Yeah, I have an expensive face..

A week already?

Last Wednesday I was in Neu-Ulm with my sister and had done the first shooting for X-tra-x. Already a week ago! How I miss it. Both the fun at shooting and meeting new, happy people as well as the treat to spend all days with my pretty sister :)
I think we better start planning for a new trip together - it was awesome!

Heh, and after being a bit lazy with my make up lately I think I did better today. More "me".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My German trip part 3

Thursday 12’th of May

At 9.45 our ride came to get us for today’s work. We managed to do 27 outfits each. We did so good we got an extra €100 each added to our salarys! (and no, I won't say the original salary)
We had just as fun today. I just can’t believe how nice they all were and funny. I just hope we made just as good impression as they did.
We, dressed in X-tra-x clothes from top to toe
 Todays lenses were Phantasee: Green Tornado
To celebrate a good day’s work I decided we should quit dinner and go for a HUGE ice cream from the Italian place instead. My sister was on. We ordered 5 kugeln and whipped cream each.
I had cappuccino, tiramisu, strawberry, pistachio and stracciatella. We really had to fight to manage the whole thing – but we made it!
We were soooo full as we left. Almost to the puking level.
Back to the room we put the TV on and put our asses on the balcony for the last night. Then we realized we had the qualification to the European Song Contest on and went in as they announced what countries would be in the real contest.
Eventually there was only one spot left and they said – SWEDEN!!! We jumped up from our beds and yelled! I’m sure we awoke the whole hotel screaming “Sweden, Sweden, Erik Saade, Erik Saade!”
Okay, so neither of us is that a big fan of Eric Saade, but it was the feeling that we’d be in the real contest on Saturday that made it.
And by the way - Sweden's Erik Saade made 3'd place.

Make up review

Max Factor 815 Night Valley Red

A shade of dark, thick blood mixed with cherry.
The color suits me really fine, and have this "old movie star-shade" to it. Absolute a favorite right now since I think it looks great with my marker colored hair ;)
It stays on all day, but you can't make out with it. Light kissing even leaves some "evidence", but to my lips it doesn't feel sticky or dry, just good. I recommend! Price: not horrific.
I have an almost identical color; 02 Cranberry Cream by Elizabeth Arden and that leaves my lips VERY dry after a days wearing it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Question time

I sometimes answers questions, and here is one suggested by Henna to be answered in my blog. Good thinking there, Henna!

Henna Javedden 16 maj 11:55
I was wondering, where are your natural eyebrows? i mean to say, what do you do to them so they don't exist?

Well, I'm naturally gifted with thick, low, dark brows (but this was before the digital camera era so I have no pictures of this in my computer). At 12 I started plucking them to make them look like Boy Georges brows,
Me to the left, the original to the right
and after a few years I simply decided I needed more space to do make up on, so inspired by the 30's stars I simply waxed them off!
I use Veet wax strips for legs once a week and cuts off in eyebrow size (more economical than to use the ones for face). And for those who says waxing your brows will make them disappear I will only say: I WISH! I still look like Bert once a week...

Todays make up

Ich bin so müde..
My husband poked on me and said: "-Hey, why didn't you get up when the alarm went off?"
Yeah, good question... BECAUSE I WAS STILL ASLEEP, perhaps?
My 45 minutes of hair and make up-time was shortened to 25 minutes, it's so unfair!

If I would end up dead today I will be very mad this was the last make up I ever wore. At least the hair was good.

My German trip part 2

Wednesday the 11’th of May

Started off with a real model breakfast: eggs, salmon, lots of meat and a good German bread. The hotel served a very nice breakfast buffet. I really recommend City Hotel Garni if ever in Neu-Ulm ;)

At 12 a super nice boy from X-tra-x came to drive us to the shoot.

At the X-tra-x warehouse we said hi to all the nice people working there then we got upstairs to the office and shooting area. Finally I got to meet Jürgen/Monaco after all our mail contact. What a sweet man in person!

A big rack of clothes to be photographed were presented to us so it was just to get to work!
We had SO much fun. I tried to make every outfit look like my own, but it was sometimes difficult because many of the clothes were for the more rock orientated people and not really my style at all, but I tried to make it justice anyway.
We managed 11 styles each and I thought we did good.
Got a ride back to the hotel and then we went out on town in Neu-Ulm to find a store. I needed to buy a new shitty whiskey for my Irish coffee’s. Some local teen girls saw us standing there with a map in our hand looking a bit lost I suppose so they were totally nice and walked with us the 10 minutes to a Kaufhaus. Wow, what sweet residents of this town!
My blow-up sister is leaking air, and then restored (a London tale)
Went back to the hotel and then we went out to the Greek restaurant Monaco sent us to. My sister ordered 4 kinds of meat and I ordered 3 kinds of meat. We might look like vegetarians but we can for sure eat our weight in meat.
With an over full belly we went back and got to sleep with a nice meat taste in our mouth.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My German trip part1

Tuesday the 10'th of May

Kissed my family goodbye (and made sure to give the kids 4 extra kisses each for the goodnights I wouldn't be home for). Jumped on the train 2 minutes before departure. Heh, a bit of a close call - but the only thing that matters really is if you catch the train or not. Not how many minutes you have before departure...
My travel booker made me a bunch of print outs for our whole trip so I started to look through them to put them in the right order. PANIC! The flight tickets wasn't there!!!
After some texting back and forward it seemed to be in order. Thank God!

Two stations later I saw the most gorgeous girl – she looked almost like me. Oh, it was my sweet sister Jenni. I was so happy to see her. We were a total match.
After some “training” we arrived to the first country – Denmark, city: Copenhagen.
Found the flight to bring us to the next country - Switzerland, city: Zürich. And as the globetrotters we are the trip didn’t end there – we kept on going to the next, as well as the final country – Germany, city: Stuttgart. But nooooo – the trip was far from over…
Went by a bus with a sour chauffeur who wanted me to pay for the trip although I know for a fact it’s all been paid for in advance.
I told him off and refused to pay.
Went on a train to Ulm, and then to the final destination at last – Neu-Ulm. Never in my life I could imagine I one day would end up in Neu-Ulm, but I did!
Discovered they had cut my lock open at the airport! WTF?! My sisters bag had too been opened and been messed around.
The hotel they ordered for us, City Hotel Garni, was just 65 meters from the station and when we got there it had an envelope for Mr & Mrs Wimmerstedt. Hahahaha!
It was the cutest little hotel and a super room. We really liked it, it was so cosy and fresh. It even had a balcony that we used every day to sit and chitchat. Went out for a Peking soup and a veggie plate at a nice wok restaurant before bedtime.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm back from Germany!

I'm finally back, but after a tough day of travelling I must go to sleep - but tomorrow I will show our trip in pictures and videos :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm leaving the country!

Tomorrow me and my GORGEOUS sister Jenni  will go by train, train, speak another language, and then train to a flight, go down, fly some more, speak another language, go by bus then by train, then by foot, then enter a hotel, then go to sleep.

I've been asked to do this trip before, but I always turned it down, but this time I asked if I could bring my pretty sister and they were super happy to have us both!
Two pretty faces are always better than one.
We are going to be models for the X-tra-x catalogue. For those who do no know: X-tra-x is the biggest goth store in Germany (to my knowledge) and also have a great online shop.
They used to have very cool girls and boys in their big catalogue that one could drool over.
This will be fun!

Old picture of the day

I just stumbled on this picture from December 2003.
I was 4 months pregnant with our first child, Synthia, at the time <3
I just can't believe how young I looked back then!
Kids really makes you age! But mostly there are happy wrinkles :)