Thursday, September 1, 2011

BIG outing tomorrow!

Tomorrow: new feature in this blog. INSANE!

-What kind of spaced out music do you listen to, you crazy woman?
-Well, Adora said, I will add the feature My Music Mondays (on Monday), to let you in on that wicked electro music that makes me go robot and feel so pink and bubbly inside. Zip schwoosh pazzajjj
I have a few more things I should add as a "weekly". I need some more structure! *Pounds my perfectly shaped forhead*. No, no, NOO - NEVER hurt yourself! We looove ourselves, and go out and kill randomly instead, just as most people think of us goths. Never disappoint a persons opinion. We must continue our reputation.

I'm very grateful for tips on what special features you'd like to see on a weekly basis. Otherwise I will just keep on rambling on forever about me, me, me, my vampire skills, cupcakes one second and to eat nutritious food the next, my kids and how I love glitter, smiling and make up...

...and oh - don't forget to take out your Friday glass tomorrow <3