Tuesday, May 24, 2011

With Fairlight to pre-school

Another of our clones are about to join the treadmill for some 14 years or more...
Today I followed the unaware little lamb Fairlight to the slaughter, called pre-school, to meet with her inmates.
Mummy did her best to blend in with the other parents.
Many people ask me what kind of reactions I meet at situations like this?

Well, I don't take any notice, and try just to act like the usual me...but I can almost guarantee I'm the talk of every other parents dinner table that night...
The kids are scared I'm coming for them and the parents are scared I'm gonna make super cute and delicious cupcakes to win their kids over to the dark side.
I now have at least 6 years making all the kids in Fairlights class like me so they wanna go my way, the goth way. I recruit them young :)