Friday, November 19, 2010

Homework done

I completed my homework! Nails with painted crosses. I even made a hill for the cross on the middle finger :)
(and yes, the heart is a tattoo)

Heart blouse in white

Just made a look-at copy of the Adorable Heart blouse for the seamstresses to look at to understand how I'm thinking. It will of course be in black later. Here's a sneak-peak
The sewing is NO good, that's why I have professionals doing it ;) This is more of a sketch...

Nice hobby!

A girl found this gif. someone made of me on the web.
This is what some people do on their spare time...
I love all peoples hobbies that involves me and being creative :)
This is fun!

Now I can eat humans!

Like most goths I've always fantasized about eating human flesh ;)
And now perhaps I can! Well, this is a step on the way at least.
I must learn this skill!
Imagine being on the train and pull out a foot, carve it in half, add some brie and nice ham to it and start to eat. People would faint all over the place. I'd really like that! (and if they are fainted I can eat them *hahaha*)
(you know I'm joking right? Or am I.....)