Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm so stressed out because of a headache and a f-ing Photoshop that won't work with me today. I had to re-do a picture from the beginning and it takes forever. I'm 2 steps away from being done, but I really MUST go to sleep now otherwise my work tomorrow will suffer. I want to finish now, but the smart thing is to hit the pillow.
I'm doing one of the prints for the t-shirts that was the winners. I hope you will like it. Some small adjustments though: the eyes will be white and I'm thinking of removing the black bows and add smaller white to the sleeves instead?

I'm a member of an 18'th Century society via the museum, and our museum decided to use THIS picture of me on their tourist folder this year! I think they are mad!
It's from a picnic and I was fooling around and made cookie eyes.