Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Someone made an Adora GIF.

Sometimes very strange things surface. Here's one my Italian friend Rossella found on Tumblr. Here.
It's a section from my Valentine's video I made. Haha, this gif. is funny!

Todays outfit

Monday starts with wearing my cute gold crown. It goes perfectly with my horrific green hair!
Perhaps I'll make this a princess week and wear different crowns every day...
I hated to wear green eyeshadow all day, it was not a good make up day for me today. I will do better tomorrow!

Goth Martha Stewart: Bloody Nightgown crafting

FINALLY I remembered to publish this video!
I hope it will come in handy for all this summers sleep overs ;)

For those interested you got quite a few sneak-peaks of our flat.